Sunday, February 14, 2010

Healthy Heart Day 1: Nestea Fit Camp Hot 2010

Wow! I just had the most amazing Valentine weekend ever! Nah, no dates (that wasn't why I didn't blog for a month). And that's fine seeing as I've never been on a Valentine's Day date before, so nothing much to miss. So what did I do? I just spent these last couple of days doing heart healthy things! And seriously, it was so much fun!

Yesterday, I attended the Nestea Fit Camp Hot's press launch at the Bonifacio Open Field. Camp Hot is a 6-Saturday course composed of a series of sports clinics and fitness activities facilitated by the country’s top athletes and professionals. The objective is to encourage everyone to get into summer form by staying active, and of course drinking Nestea Fit with L-Carnitine.

Introducing the instructors most of whom were really good and really nice.

The Camp Hotties... 2 of them will eventually win the right to represent Nestle Fit.

We got a preview of what's going to happen in Camp Hot. Let me show you what those were. Let me start with what I was able to try:

1. Flag Football
It's essentially American Football without the body tackles, instead you remove the flag from the flagbelt of the ball carrier. This difference adds 2 unique facets to the game: one, you're less likely to get seriously injured (spinal cord injury anyone?); two, women can play the game as competetively as men can. And since no body tackling is involved, body bulk or strenght is probably not as important quickness and agility.

Just practicing catching at this point.

Easily my favorite among all I've tried. It's a fun way to get some exercise, it's competitive enough not to be boring, and women can play! I wasn't really good, but I'm seriously considering signing up for this.

2. Zips (more popularly known as Poi)
It's sort of like dancing done with you holding on to 2 balls suspended in what seemed like socks which you swing around your body somehow. It looked easy until I tried it. I couldn't get the hang of it, but it looks fun. Given more time, I'm sure I could learn the basics. Definitely worth a second look.

A lot harder than it looks.

3. Hiphop Aerobics
Aerobic dancing hiphop style. The beat is hip, the moves makes you look and feel cool, and the instructors were fun. What could be a better way to exercise?

Ok... so I'm not a good dancer.

4. Beach Basketball
Basketball except the court is circular and smaller, no backboard, and obviously played on the beach. I didn't really get to officially play this. Me and JC took some shots, that's it. It looks fun though, and has different set of challenges from the original game. If you're used to a backboard, then this takes a lot of getting used to, plus you can't really dribble.

Strange looking basketball game I know, but really fun to play!

5. Yoga
Well, it's yoga, lots of breathing and stretching. I'm not really flexible so I tried zip and hiphop aero instead, but if you're into it, then I hear it's a solid way to get fit.

Not my thing, but the instructor was hot! And really good so I hear.

There was also Outdoor Volleyball, Touch Rugby and Extreme Frisbee. You already know about Outdoor Volleyball I'm sure, they're pretty much staple on any beach sporting events. Touch Rugby is a passing and running sport, basically rugby without the tackling. Think of it as patintero with a ball. Extreme Frisbee is frisbee crossed with soccer. That's about all I can say about those 3 because I didn't really get to play them since I had to leave early.

I really enjoyed the whole thing and I look forward to joining them, the next 6 weeks. Between the fun activities, the exercise I got, and the hotties everywhere, this is easily the best Valentine's day celebration I've had so far.

Oh, and meeting the gorgeous Karylle Padilla was a definite plus... just wished I didn't look so grubby.

Go join! Just go to the Bonifacio Open Ground next Saturday at 730am. Registration fee is just P150 and you get the Nestea Fit tumbler to go with it (day rates is P50/ day). You might just get hot enough to make the summer season seem like 2 months of Valentines!

Here's the map: