Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Don't know how to start

I know I need to start posting soon because otherwise I'd definitely wait until next year to do so. I'm unsure on how to approach the whole thing though. Do I talk to myself? Do I write as if I'm writing news? Or feature? Do I pretend I have readers when in fact nobody even knows about this blog yet?

I didn't realize until now how easy we had it at Chicken Mafia. It's a group blog, so even if we don't have any readers you can be sure the other members of the team will read your blog--in fact for some time, that's what happened despite our herculean attempts to get people to visit. Ok, so maybe not nearly at that level.

I wonder how other bloggers started out. Did they just decide one day that "Ahh! I want to start writing an online diary and bore people to death!" Or were some of them actually frustrated writers and decided to take it to the net? Hmmm... I ought to do a survey about this. That would not only help me start off with the right foot, but help me have stuff to blog about in the future hehe... Now if only I can get people to answer it. We will see over the next few weeks if I'll be successful or not, for now, I'm drafting a survey which I hope to post soon.


joyfulchicken said...


Start by writing something interesting and getting people to read them? :-P

Caption Obvious

Anonymous said...

Hey, this chicken got loose from the roost! So now, you will be your own chicken (er, man), huh! :-)

Welcome to this wonderful, addicting world called blogging. I just wrote about stuff I thought would be interesting to me. Then I joined iblog3 to get some tips, met bloggers, exchanged URLs, blog-hopped, and everything else just happened.


philos said...

Hi Jane! Thanks! You're my first visitor here that I need not coerce hehe... and you gave me insightful stuff too, will definitely send you that survey when I get my net back up. :)

Katherine said...

Hello! Found your blog through Tiffy's. :D

Dear Diary,

I ate chicken today.

Write stuff like that. :P

Hehehehehe...then you'll get bored with that and finally find things you'd really like to write about.

Katherine said...

Of course my comment is waayyyyy delayed already considering you wrote a lot here...:P Hehehehe