Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm not lazy... just a little busy

I know, I know... I haven't been blogging much--not since I move anyway. I'm still trying to get used to the new setup I guess. I'm still trying to get used to the new time I need to be up and stuff too. My travel time is now 1hr, and that's still pretty tight. There's too little time for error, and very little I can do to make up for lost time once I lose it. Unlike before where I can easily hail a cab, and reduce my travel time by almost half, now if I take a cab I actually increase my travel time. Still I'm not complaining. Everything's new and I love the feeling of trying things out for the first time. The sense of exploration is makes each day interesting.

Speaking of new things, something big is about to happen to our family. My little brother is getting married. Yes, you read that right, my little brother. I don't care that he's getting married ahead of me. Anyway, he's not so little anymore of course, he's turning 26 at the end of the month. And guess what? He's getting married on the 26th! Hehe... corny I know, and it really has nothing to do with that.

Yeah, that's them. Aren't they sweet?

It's exciting, yet a little bit disconcerting as well. Sure we love Minette (that's my soon to be sister-in-law's name), and she's been part of the family for almost 9 years now-- well less than that really, since she's rather shy, and it took her a while to warm up to us, but that's how long they've been together (and how long I've known her add a couple of years or so). Still there's bound to be a lot of changes--one which is the roommate I'm losing. I've shared a room with my brother for as long as I could remember. Heck, we shared a double deck bed when we were kids, and when it wasn't safe for me to be on the top bunk anymore (not safe for him hehe...), we still used the same beds (disassembled of course). We've moved houses more times that I care to remember, but we always shared the same room. Not that he's going far away though, he'll be at the room across the hall in a couple of weeks. It's still a welcome change after all. Much much better than if he suddenly lives miles away.

I'm not really in-charge of any parts of the wedding so that's good. We have yet to finalize plans for his bachelor party though. We're thinking of a nice cozy place good for perhaps 1o maybe 15 people. Not necessarily cheap, but nothing expensive either. Some place where we can maybe drink a few rounds, sing a few songs, maybe play poker or something. Right now, I'm eyeing Red Box, but I'm still looking for a cheaper place--I'd appreciate any suggestion you might have. Also, since we're at it, perhaps you can suggest a nice package for his honeymoon as well. He wants to go to Hongkong. He hasn't found the perfect date yet (as in cheap flights, inexpensive accomodations) nor tour package. If you know anything about this kinds of stuff, if you own a travel agency and think you can help--please, don't hesitate to drum up a little business for yourself.

Anyhow, I might not be back in full swing bloggingwise until after the wedding I suppose--that's a couple of weeks from now. I'm still almost always online though, so feel free to shoot me a message or something. Thanks for reading this, have a good week you all!

PS Another thing that's keeping me rather occupied is the impending start of the NBA season. I play fantasy basketball you see, and we do the draft around this time of the year. By the way, if you play too, me and JC are starting an auction roto league, shoot me an email if you want to join us (or want to know more).


Katherine said...

Can you feel your biological clock ticking? :P

Congratulations then to your younger brother! (Little does not seem to fit your age group anymore. :P)

philos said...

@KM: I refuse to be pressured :p

Anonymous said...

best wishes to your brother! i am also addicted to playing an MMORPG this days. it's crazy. lol.

Anonymous said...

sa 26 na kasal nya? i can just imagine the flurry of activity in your house now. best wishes to him! ano role mo? best man?

philos said...

@PM: Thanks hehe... yeah, I've seen your MMORPG discussions with your beau :p

@little light: Hehe... there's a flurry of activity alright, but nothing to do with his wedding hehe... parang set na un, and problem ko na lang about it is his bachelor's party... so what are we busy with? I'll be posting an entry about it in a while hehe

Miss Elle said...

they look good together philos. best wishes to "little" brother. :p

Lizz said...

I didn't share a room with my brother, but when he moved out a few years ago (not to get married, just to be on his own) it was a pretty jarring experience. It turned out to be a lot more fun in the end, though, since my mother kept giving me presents for no reason I could discern. :D

Anonymous said...

best wishes to your brother! hahaha they look really really good together... hahaha isn't God giving you a sign as well? hahaha just kidding, godspeed!