Sunday, June 28, 2009

Personal Finance

"So, hows your finances going?"

"That's personal."

Corny, I know. And its not even a joke. Care to guess why its personal? No? Because it's a mess! So messy, I've hit mid-life crisis and have nothing to my name (ok, that's an exaggeration, like I said, it's personal). Certainly not for lack of knowledge, I've read dozens of books about it, and while I can't exactly teach a course on it, I can easily pretend that I do (or so I claim, I don't really have proof.) So when I came across Carlo Ople's blog about a free personal and practical finance forum, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go.

Of course being the loser that I am, I didn't really have plans last Saturday, so I went. And boy was I glad I did. J. Randell Tiongson was cool, he was funny and witty, he seemed nice and warm, and he had a way of presenting finance in such a basic and simple way that made you want to listen and pay attention.

Go check out his blog if you want to know more.

Oh yeah, and I forgot, one more reason why it was cool! Free food!
Sorry, I messed up this photo, but it was really good. Thanks to Quick Plate which was Mia's, Randell's wife, catering company.


Lizz said...

I had a great time there! He was really good at explaining stuff to finance dummies (i.e. me), and the food was excellent.

JeD Chan said...

Great event! Love the food!

I'm glad that I've met a lot of bloggers. This is my first time to be in a bloggers' event. This will be very memorable. ^^


JeD Chan

Randell said...

Thanks, thanks!!!

philos said...

@Lizz: Yay! Hehe... Now if only we can apply it.

@JeD: Too bad I didn't get to actually meet you face to face.

@Randell: No... Thank you!! :)

Lester said...

@philos: Hey, please inform me if there's any other seminars of this kind in the future. :)