Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You're the 1, Goldilocks

How to raise a picture perfect baby: A Goldilocks experience

I was told that I wasn't always the easiest baby to take a photo of.

But it wasn't long until they found something that catches my attention instantly.

It is said that from that day on, I became a happy child.

Taking baths was no longer a chore as I simply sat there mesmerized.

I even learned to walk just to be able to get to it!

And finally, I did... can you guess what it is?
My very own, mom-customized, goldilocks chiffon cake! Happy birthday to me!

You're the 1, Goldilocks because you've been there for me since year 1... (and 2... and...)

...and for making me give the cutest smile when I was still considered cute!

See? A great service to mankind huh?


Arbet said...

I dun have baby pics *sad face*

Lester said...

I was browsing your blog last night and I didn't see this Goldilocks entry. I've been asking myself why you were going to pass this opportunity up. Well, I was wrong. Hands down to your cramming. :P

(Same with JC too). hehe.

joyfulchicken said...

Hey, I didn't cram :-P I got my entry done early.

philos said...

@Arbet: Hehe... I'm sure I saw an old photo of you with your mom on a meme you did on last year's Mother's Days, right?

@Lester: Thanks... I think.

@JC: Yeah, early in the day.

ceemee said...

This one's so nice. Love the baby pics and word balloons.

Lester said...

Now I regret not doing this Goldilocks blog. I just received the last-day warning from them recently. But I cannot make up an entry because I'm not a "crammer." :P

Visual Velocity said...

My family is a bit stingy, so we settled for Merced. Wait, is Merced still alive? Ehehe.

philos said...

@Cym: Thanks! That's the first nice thing I've read for this entry hehe... :)

@Lester: Wow! You just crammed "cramming" twice for the same entry.

@Andy: Merced's nice... didn't realize they existed back then though. Yep, they're still around. We have one in Heart Center, and I remember seeing one in Veteran's.

Lester said...

@Philos (re. ceemee's comment): O c'mon...

Hmm... Merced doesn't seem to ring a bell to me... anybody care to enlighten? :(

Lizz said...

Hey, you found baby pictures! I don't think I have any below 3 or 4, lol. Nice entry! :D

Anonymous said...

it always makes me smile to see baby pics...and goldilocks LOL!

philos said...

@Lester: It's a bakeshop.

@Lizz: That's nice comment no. 2 hehe... really? No pics below 3? I think I have tons of them. I'm not sure how many of them were left after the fire though. Glad I have these left.

@thethinkingfil: As do I hehe... thanks! :)

AJ said...

visiting u from Andy :D

you're right, Harry's latest such a boring..but i guess you're not.

i enjoyed this post, and blogsite of urs,

brb, rgds,

philos said...

@AJ: Hey thanks! Appreciate you dropping by! :)