Sunday, December 13, 2009

The UST Grand Alumni Homecoming 2009

God of all nations
Merciful Lord of our restless being,
Sweep with your golden lilies;
This fountain of purest light;
Trace with the sails of the galleons
the dream beyond our seeing
Touch with the flames of your kindness
the gloom of our darkest night.
Keep us in beauty and truth and virtues
impassioned embrace
Ever your valiant legions
Imbued with unending grace.


Did you sing just now?

Did the song made you reminisce the great times you had at the hallowed halls of our beloved alma mater?

Do you well up with pride at the thought of once again passing through the historic Arch of the Centuries?

If your answer was yes to 1 or all of these questions, then don't wait for the quadricentennial celebration on 2011! Join this year's Grand Alumni Homecoming (see details on the poster below)

Onward to 400!


ALiNe said...

long live alma matter.. woot

Anonymous said...

LOL after next year, I'll be studying there! haha anyway, PM's already running the corridors of UST in her graduate studies, and next it will be me!! haha I can't wait. >.<

philos said...

@Aline: You going? :)

@NS: Haha... next year's a good year to be in UST methinks. :)

avril lavigne interview said...

Oopps a little to late reading this... most probably it was a wonderful homecoming!...