Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm not back, but guess who is?

Jollibee's Amazing Aloha!

An order of this burger costs only P82, not bad huh?

I was excited when JC broke the news to me, heck I've been meaning to try one of these beauties since Saturday. Things is, now that I've finally managed to get myself one, I didn't find it particularly good. The bacon used to be crunchy, and the pineapple used to be amazingly sweet yet tangy, providing an excellent contrast to the general saltiness of burgers. This time it felt bland, like it was dead. Of course it's entirely possible that it's my tastebuds' problem.

Cheesy Bacon Mushroom also at P82

This second one's new I think. I didn't get to try it though, my brother said it's good. I'm not taking his word for it though, I'm trying it tomorrow hehe... Oh, and I ate bought one of their chilidogs too.

This one's for P42.

Not too pretty, but not bad at all! I actually enjoyed. Which means there's nothing wrong with my taste buds, leading me to think that maybe this reincarnation of the Amazing Aloha just isn't amazing anymore. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to give it another try, after all it's a childhood favorite after all. And I've always said I'll try anything twice (not anything, don't go wise on me), just in case the first one's a fluke. I just hope the next one lives up to the memory.



Camille said...

ei philos! been a while.. anu pala yun tag na sinasabi mo? i didn't see it but i know you mentioned somethin bout a tag last time i read your comment on my blog. hm..

anyway, get well soon sir arthur! ehem! :)

sarap naman nyan.. fave ko rin kasi un aloha before.. plus yung beef stew ng jollibee.. sana ibalik din nila yun.

Lizz said...

Your pictures are making me hungry! I hope the Aloha isn't too bad though... I'm getting one later.

Katherine said...

You're not back?? So who wrote this?? :P

That's not how the Amazing Aloha looks like in real life.

It's a bit...um...cuter. :P

But I like the pineapples. :P

philos said...

@Cam: Err... this tag :p

@Lizz: So how'd you find it? Spill spill! :p

@KM: Must be Jollibee hehe

Miss Elle said...

philos, OMG. for two straight nights ive had this craving sa dalawang burgers na yan. kainis pag nakikita ko yung ad nila sa tv. hehhe. oh gawd. bukas. bukas philos order ako ng dalawang yan. :p

kaycee said...

OMG! your pics just make me wanna pull the hands of time! I hope they still sell the Amazing Aloha when I go home. Hirap maging batang Jollibee when you're away, huhu =(

Lizz said...

It was awesome! :D I'm going to eat it everyday for a week! Hooray pineapples. :)

philos said...

@elle: haha... have fun! :)

@kaycee: haha... sandali na lang yan! :)

@lizz: haha... good for you! :)

Miss Elle said...

philos! yeyy! am eating aloha now. hehe :p

Anonymous said...

The moment I learned that Amazing Aloha made a comeback, I went to Jollibee straightaway. "Amazingly", it was very good. I haven't tried the Chilidog yet, maybe tomorrow. Hehe. :-)

philos said...

@dyosa: hehe... I ought to try it again one of these days :)


those were really yum yums