Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My birthday wish list

Ok, I'll be 28 soon. And while I don't think wish lists are generally useful for getting what you want (as evidenced by the failure of this list), its useful to at least keep a list of things I might consider getting myself. That's primarily why I'm updating this list. So here it is, my official birthday wish list.

Material stuff:
1. Books almost always work for me... This list turned out to be a fiasco when I received Book 9 and it turned out that I actually have read it. I still haven't read Books 10 and 11 of Wheel of Time Series though. I already have both Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point, and Blink, but I want his new one The Outliers. To anyone who's considering giving me a book as a gift? It doesn't even have to be new! I'm of the philosophy that it's the content of the book that matters, not the cover. Oh, and I'd been wishing I could get a hold of a copy of Freakonomics too hehe... I like Yancy's stuff too, but I already have Soul Survivor and The Bible Jesus Read.

2. Practical stuff works too... I don't like buying clothes, so if your fashionable and think you can rub some of your fashion sense on me, feel free to try. A portable hard drive is pretty practical too you must admit.

3. I've been meaning to get a foldable bike. Or even a nice summer chair that could comfortably sit me outside in the warm summer months (or generally warm climate of our country).

"Big" stuff:
1. Gift of your time and your ears. I'd like to share someone really important to you. He's someone who gives me hope and assurance and I I'd like you to meet Him too. It's the perfect season too, after all it's His my birthday.

2. If you want to give me a gift that's really a gift for you, just go ahead and sponsor a kid at World Vision. (If you're interested and want to ask questions, feel free to contact me.)

3. Discipline and drive. Honestly, if you have a suggestion as to how I'll manage to get these 2 things, I'll appreciate it.


1. Hmm... something really helpful like inside information. If you have any tips to give me, say real secrets to losing weight, maybe a certain stock will hit the roof, or whatever... that would be most welcome.

2. Hard cash!

3. If you still can't choose from those listed above, easy choices include a new phone, a laptop (or a mini notebook hehe), a car, Wii, a job that pays 7 digits/annum (ok, so this one is pretty serious--if you want to pirate me, please, I'm willing.)

Super wishes:
1. Ability to fly (if you can grant this, forget the car but I still want the bike).

2. Ability to read minds (not hear them like in What Women Wants mind you--that would be maddening).

3. Charm... oh wait, I already have that, except I'm somehow only able to charm the young ones and the young once... can't figure out the ones in the middle.

Oh, and if your planning to get me something that's not on this list, just go ahead and surprise me. (WARNING: Pens, towels and mugs are not considered surprises.)

Or forget everything I wrote and just give me a reason to smile or better yet laugh.

This one sure made me laugh!1

1By the way, I regret to say that I won't be attending IBlog 5 dahil di ako na LBC... hehe... corny! Anyway, due to a number of unavoidable circumstances, schedule conflicts, birthday weekend, etc... I won't be able to make it. Sure sucks because I found IBlog 4 really cool! (If this is the first time you've heard of IBlog and wish to know more, go ahead, click the link and have the fun I'm sure I'll miss this weekend.)


NB If you don't know me and came across this list and somehow think, "My, how cheeky! Maybe I should grant a wish or 2 (or 3)..." You're more then welcome to do so.


joyfulchicken said...

"I'd like to share someone really important to you. He's someone who gives me hope and assurance and I I'd like you to meet Him too. It's the perfect season too, after all it's His birthday."

No, it's not :-P Copy-and-paste doesn't always work.

Happy birthday.

Katherine said...

Heeeyyyy!!! Happy Birthday!!! :-)

philos said...

@JC: Err... I'll change that to read my instead hehe... thanks! :)

@KM: Thanks thanks! :)