Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Philos

Ok, so this is a lame title, not because it's pathetic (which I suppose it is) but mainly because I used that title before. Now I'm not doing this because no one's likely to greet me (which is probably true for this blog at least) but because I can't think of a better title and I'm trying to beat the clock (so please excuse the quality of this entry).

So how'd my birthday go? I ate and smile. Yep, it's one of those days where everything just went right. Sure I arrived late for work, but it doesn't matter, it's not like the doctors would suddenly decide to come early today. I woke up to find that my mom has prepared a cauldron of delectable misua. I overslept so I so I had it to go. When I got to work I found a Red Ribbon Ube cake waiting for me. Now I didn't really get to taste that cake because there were just too many of us for it, but I sure loved the thought.


Then a thoughtful former intern came over and brought a tray of this seafood pasta. It was simply delightful.


My family and I had dinner at Robinson's Midtown. We ate at Handyman's, seriously check it out.


And we sure licked the plates clean.


Of course I didn't just indulge in gluttony that day, I also counted the number of greetings I got. Yes yes, I'm weird that way. I wonder if anybody else does that sort of thing. I've been doing it since I don't know when. I don't necessarily remember how many I get each year, but as long as it's a long list, I'm satisfied. And heck with the number of media we have available for us these days, how hard can it be right? Anyway this year, it's 75! Whoohooo! Ok, so I sort of invented 75, it could be more, I didn't bother counting how many actually wrote me on Facebook and Friendster and all those who greeted me just cause they thought I seemed to have aged a year today.

All in all, it was simple yet fun birthday. I did get nice gifts, gift of laughter, gift of friends, gift of family, gift of silly moments, gift of relaxation, and of course pants, shirts, the PSP, David and Goliath stuff



and of course new friends! Ok, so I guess they're still acquaintances right now, but that's just fine with me.

This year's been good, God has been good. Well He always has been. I guess we just need time to sit down and be still sometimes just to realize the truth of it. To look back and see that the things that worried us so much aren't all that memorable anymore, and that last year was in fact littered with happy surprises and pleasant events. Sure things don't always work out the way we want them, in fact I didn't accomplish much by way of my goals, but there were remarkable things that happened anyway. I'll take time to write about those things next time, those call for a bit of introspection and more wakefulness. I just need to add that as a blogger, these last couple of weeks have been really fun for me. Hopefully, I find a way to give back something.

In the end, all I can hope and pray for is to do all for the glory of God! :)

PS Some of the David and Goliath stuff I definitely won't need (particularly the girly stuff), so feel free to message me for stuff that caught your eye and we'll see hehe...


joyfulchicken said...

You just couldn't resist the urge to preach at the end huh :-P

philos said...

Well, this ain't CM after all. May I refer you to my first post hehe... :p

Dianne said...

May 7 is it? well i failed to greet you because i was away.. is it late if i greet you.. HAPYY BIRTHDAY!!!=))

philos said...

Nope, in fact you're the first one to greet me for my next birthday :p

Anonymous said...

Mothers misua.. i love it too when my mom would cooked misua on my birhtday.. delicious