Saturday, May 31, 2008

NBA Finals: Lakers vs. Celtics


It took 21 years in the making, but finally, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics are facing each other once again in the NBA Finals.

The Lakers

For all the Kobe-hating I've done this year, you just have to admire his talent. And even though I didn't want the Lakers in the Finals this year, I expected nothing less from the MVP. With Pau Gasol taking care of the paint and some of the scoring load, Derrick Fisher providing veteran leadership on court, Kobe is free to do what he does best--scare his opponents into submission. What else is different this year? I think this year Kobe learned leadership.

The Celtics
On the other hand, leadership is something Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen have shown for most of their career. It's too bad they didn't have much of a team to lead before. It's different this year, with the Big 3, Rajon Rondo, a ragtag bench of veterans and newbies with the heart of champions, the might just go all the way.

The 2008 NBA Championship

So who takes the golden ball this year? I predict Celtics in 7 games. I'm rooting for KG, Ray ray and Paul Pierce's first of potentially 3 rings. You don't agree? It doesn't matter, on June 5, the age old rivalry is renewed. No matter who wins, we win.

Photohunt: The King


In case you wonder about the title, in my circle I'm referred to as The King... ok, so I'm not--but I ought to be.

Anyway, let me ask a question: Would you date me?

No, I'm not trying to creep out all 3 of my readers. I only ask because this is the photo I submitted when I registered for the Astring-O-Sol Dating Marathon which me and Joyful Chicken attended last Saturday. (No. They didn't use that photo. Of course if after seeing it you feel compelled to ask me out, just leave a message.)

It was a part of a series of speed dating events they've been hosting for some weeks now to promote their line of mouthwash. If you're not familiar with the concept, speed dating is a sort of express dating where you get to talk with a host of different ladies (or men depending on your gender) all in one night, kind of like the sampler menu in restaurants. You get bite sized conversations that should give you an idea if you want to hook up with this person again or not. All you have to do is tick yes (or variations thereof) if you're interested and no, if not. If you happen to express interest in the same person who expressed interest in you, then the organizers will send you each other's contact information so you could schedule a follow up and see where that takes you.

So how'd I do? I talked to 26 different women and wound up with 5 matches. Only one of whom actually responded to my messages. Yes, I'm a dating scene loser. Feel free to feel good about yourself now.

PS If you're interested to try it out, there's another one tonight, the last of this series in fact at FIAMMA at 7:30pm.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Photohunt: Shoes


I know this one comes in really late, I couldn't get the shot I wanted. I was riding a jeepney to work this afternoon when I just started clicking away. I took this shot when the jeepney I was riding happened to stopped side by side with a bus's doorway.


As I was thinking of a suitable photo for this post, I was reminded of an ad they ran in late '80s. I'm not entirely sure if it was for a shoe company, just that it was a Christmas special. There's this rich kid of about 10, who while stuck in traffic, observed a street kid about his age begging. Upon seeing the kid's bare feet, he decides to give him his new pair of rubber shoes--the same one he just received for Christmas.

I'd love to see that ad again. I wish I could be a person who can just do that without worrying what other people might think. Yes, I'm a pleaser, and that might just end up being my undoing.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?


Monday, May 19, 2008

Photohunt: Candy


Candy Corner

Treats we look forward to whether we're 9 or 99. A bribe for drinking your medicine, reward for being good, or the thing that cause your punishment in the first place. They sure bring to mind a lot of fond memories.


Candies at the Corner

A livelihood for a lot of Filipinos. The difference between imminent death and daily survival. This particular candy kit can be found in almost all corners of the metropolis along with the other staple, cigarettes.


Funny how we can think of one and not the other.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thewi Thai Massage

Last week after Trinoma, the family headed off to our favorite massage place, Thewi Thai Massage!


So why is it the favorite? Honestly, because it gives you good value for your money. You can get a nice 1-hr full body massage for just P200. Sure they don't have a sauna bath nor a jacuzzi, but what they lack they more than make up for with their own brand of massage.

First, when you get there, you get a foot bath in lukewarm water that just feels so great.


They then bring you to really simple rooms with cots in the floor which are surprisingly comfortable.


I don't know if it's the soft music or the ambient minty scent of the place, but I drift off into a relaxed state as soon as I lie down. Thai Massage is traditionally a dry massage that involves stretching and deep kneading strokes. (Here's a copy of their brochure for more info about the technique.) Now I know some people like the oil, but I really prefer not having to feel oily or sticky after so this suits me just fine. Now the only thing I noticed was the rather mechanical formulaic feel to the whole massage--which is not really bad just disconcerting. I still feel relaxed and relieved after so I don't really care.

Then after the massage, they offer you a cup of green tea and a warm towel which does nicely to warm you inside and out.


They offer other services like a head massage, back massage and foot massage.


If you want to give it a try yourself, you can find them on 114 D. Tuazon Avenue cor. Maria Clara, Q.C. right across St. Theresa's College. They're open 7 days a week from 10 am until 2am (I think).


Let me know how it goes for you!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Our Mother's Day activities started off wrong because I was really sleepy the whole time having stayed up late to make the Mother's Day post. We even had to go commute to TriNoMa after church because my mom had to go to yoga and she's heading straight there after. Then when me and my sibs stop by McDonald's to grab a quick breakfast, they didn't have breakfast anymore even though those were the only pictures they had on. When we finally got to TriNoMa, it was wild! It was like a third of Manila decided to converge on this exact same triangle!


It took us close to an hour to just to find a restaurant because
  1. we wanted something different from our usual fare
  2. there really were that many people
  3. and we were cheapskates (at least I was)

We ended up eating at Fish and Co. because
  1. it seemed different from our usual fare
  2. even though there were many people here, they gave us free snacks and drinks while we waited
  3. and I thought fish was supposed to be cheap
Boy was I wrong. Ok, to some this might not be considered expensive. To me though it is. My upper limit per plate is P350 max unless it's eat-all-you-can then I'd consent to go up to P600, and once to P900. This one was at least P500/plate and didn't include drinks. I didn't have the heart order, but we eventually settled on a few things. Mostly Fish and Chips and a New York Fish and Chips which had cheese. I ordered the Grilled Porkchop Basilica to share with my mom (she has yet to arrive at the place because the line going in to the parking was terrible).


The food turned out quite good (it better be right?). I like the porkchops, though the rest of them didn't. They liked the fish which I thought was ok. In fact I'd say the whole experience was fun if not for the costs hehe... I'm such a cheapskate. Well, as long as my mom was happy, we were happy. And she got a surprise too (oh, I forgot to mention that we picked this one partly because they promised to surprise moms with a gift hehe).


She got some tote bag and GC from Rustan's. And they even commissioned somebody from Digiprint to take photos of their guests as souvenirs.

From left to right, there's my brother, his fiancée, my grammy, mom's sis, mom, my sis, and me. This one was actually taken using our camera, I couldn't scan the one she took because our scanner's broken (for about a couple of years now... hmm, come to think of it, I don't even know where it is now).

So why this lengthy discussion about our Fish and Co. lunch? Because my mom wanted me to blog about them. Said she appreciated their service, how they responded with courtesy and even enthusiasm with each of our many requests. So if anyone from Fish and Co. TriNoMa ever wander into this blog, our heartfelt thanks for making our mom feel special.

Then we wandered aimlessly around the mall until we were pulled in by DQ for dessert. I can just imagine the calories we ingested that day, not that I'm concerned or anything.

Before we headed home, we swung by Timezone where my mom somehow ended up playing the simulated version of the game show Deal or No Deal.


Finally, we went to Thewi Thai Massage (more about them next time) for nth time. Had a relaxing and satisfying time before we all went home.


All in all, while it didn't start out well, it ended well, with all of us relaxed and my mom happy (at least I hope). And that is what's most important after all right?

So how'd yours go? Feel free to write and let me know. I'd love hear about your Mother's Day experience too! God bless you all! :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Photohunt: Happy Mother's Day


It's Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there!

Here's my mom, and she's my date last September 5, 2003 at the Manila Hotel. The day I took my oath as a licensed Physical Therapist.


We don't always see eye to eye on a lot of things, but she's always supported me. Yes, sometimes grudgingly, much like Marlin having difficulty seeing Nemo let go of his training wheels. But moms will be moms right?

I remember on the way home, I got a pretty scolding for wearing the lousy shirt I'm wearing. A cotton shirt will never look formal, it will crumple when you move. See mom? I remember what you tell me.

Things like this happen all the time because she loves me, I know that. And I? I definitely love her. I sure wish I say it enough, I don't and now it's sort of awkward to say so without an occasion. (Thank God for Mother's Day right?) I know this is cheesy, and I'm not likely to ever show this to my mom, but it doesn't matter. If I'm to start a blog, I might as well start it right and say the things that really matter to me.

Now I wasn't exactly tagged by Dianne, I sort of saw her post and tagged myself. I think it's a worthy cause and since there is no specific theme for this week I thought I'd go ahead and hit 2 birds in 1 stone. :)

1st Bird: . Just found out about this last night after coming across Aloha Penny's entry and I got intrigued. Now I'm not much of photographer, but it's really quite simple. A theme is given for each Saturday. I just need to post a photo that best represents the theme and voila!

2nd Bird: A Mother's Day meme. Rules are simple: (1) Post a photo of you and your mom together and include “I heart my mom” somewhere. (2) Tag your friends! I'm only tagging a few people: runaway cat, tiffy, cams, maybe arbet, and carney. If you feel like doing this, just go ahead and do what I did, tag yourself!

Here's another one for the road!

Yep, that's the chocolates I'm giving her. (courtesy of my friend Pia--I'm sure you don't object right?)

Photohunt: Time


Funny how caterpillars are always considered ugly and butterflies pretty. This caterpillar's definitely not. For him, time can very well stand still.


Time however never stood still for anybody, and it certainly won't for him. Soon he will have to become a butterfly, lovely sure, but a step more vulnerable to time's fickleness.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Philos

Ok, so this is a lame title, not because it's pathetic (which I suppose it is) but mainly because I used that title before. Now I'm not doing this because no one's likely to greet me (which is probably true for this blog at least) but because I can't think of a better title and I'm trying to beat the clock (so please excuse the quality of this entry).

So how'd my birthday go? I ate and smile. Yep, it's one of those days where everything just went right. Sure I arrived late for work, but it doesn't matter, it's not like the doctors would suddenly decide to come early today. I woke up to find that my mom has prepared a cauldron of delectable misua. I overslept so I so I had it to go. When I got to work I found a Red Ribbon Ube cake waiting for me. Now I didn't really get to taste that cake because there were just too many of us for it, but I sure loved the thought.


Then a thoughtful former intern came over and brought a tray of this seafood pasta. It was simply delightful.


My family and I had dinner at Robinson's Midtown. We ate at Handyman's, seriously check it out.


And we sure licked the plates clean.


Of course I didn't just indulge in gluttony that day, I also counted the number of greetings I got. Yes yes, I'm weird that way. I wonder if anybody else does that sort of thing. I've been doing it since I don't know when. I don't necessarily remember how many I get each year, but as long as it's a long list, I'm satisfied. And heck with the number of media we have available for us these days, how hard can it be right? Anyway this year, it's 75! Whoohooo! Ok, so I sort of invented 75, it could be more, I didn't bother counting how many actually wrote me on Facebook and Friendster and all those who greeted me just cause they thought I seemed to have aged a year today.

All in all, it was simple yet fun birthday. I did get nice gifts, gift of laughter, gift of friends, gift of family, gift of silly moments, gift of relaxation, and of course pants, shirts, the PSP, David and Goliath stuff



and of course new friends! Ok, so I guess they're still acquaintances right now, but that's just fine with me.

This year's been good, God has been good. Well He always has been. I guess we just need time to sit down and be still sometimes just to realize the truth of it. To look back and see that the things that worried us so much aren't all that memorable anymore, and that last year was in fact littered with happy surprises and pleasant events. Sure things don't always work out the way we want them, in fact I didn't accomplish much by way of my goals, but there were remarkable things that happened anyway. I'll take time to write about those things next time, those call for a bit of introspection and more wakefulness. I just need to add that as a blogger, these last couple of weeks have been really fun for me. Hopefully, I find a way to give back something.

In the end, all I can hope and pray for is to do all for the glory of God! :)

PS Some of the David and Goliath stuff I definitely won't need (particularly the girly stuff), so feel free to message me for stuff that caught your eye and we'll see hehe...