Sunday, November 29, 2009

My take on love stories (and romantic comedies for that matter)

I must've seen dozens of romantic comedies both foreign and local. Certainly more than I'd normally care for, but they do know how to suck you in. They reel you in with the a variety of overworn cliches that still makes you wonder "Hmm... that could happen to me, let's see how this one turns out." Even though we know deep in our hearts that probably all possible permutations of love story beginning-endings have been used and re-used.

I've just finished watching (500) Days of Summer1 and I can't help but think about relationships, falling in love, you know--all that crap. No, I'm not bitter--at least not in the guy-who-got-dumped sense, I'm merely thinking aloud. (And please no one start the "but there are a lot of different kind of loves" bs, you know very well that that's not what I'm talking about here.) Watching these films, they make you explore all kinds of possibilities.
"Aww... now that's just crazy, sure wish that would happen to me though."

"Hey! That's me! Totally me... except I don't live in NY and don't have a fancy apartment while totally not working."

"She's just like that bitch who dumped me for my dad's boss..."
Never mind that 80% of them will never happen in real life or that the 20% that do aren't even worth watching. We like finding people to identify with. See our situations mirrored on screen. I think we watch fantasy films for things would never happen, and love stories for things we wish would actually happen. And I don't know, maybe they do for some people. For all I know, maybe some of these films are written by people who's had those things happen to them. Maybe drop dead gorgeous ladies actually fall for supposedly-smart-yet-poor-and-underachieving men they just meet at a bar.

But while I can suspend belief while watching, I really can't after the end credit rolls. I know enough (at least I believe I do, which is same enough that it doesn't make a difference) to realize that these things don't happen--at least never to me. No one's out there just waiting to turn my life around. No sassy girl waiting to screw with my mind and make me fall head over heels regardless. No Rapunzel just waiting for me to rescue her and live happily ever after.

I didn't write this to dissuade anyone from falling in love. By all means, go. This is just a little reality check. If you want love, you better find it, because it sure as hell not going to fall into your lap. If you want an adventure, go read a book, or better yet, plug yourself into the matrix and see how far the rabbit hole goes. Inasmuch as you can identify with one of the characters in a Nicholas Spark novel, love stories are often simple and straightforward. Most of them aren't screenworthy, but who cares right? It's being in it that matters. Not how it might appear to anyone else.

I suppose that's why I still don't understand love. And while I wonder if I ever will, love stories like these will continue to reel me in.

1 I've never written a good movie review before and I don't expect to suddenly become good now, so I'm going to do all of you a favor and not review this film. What I would do though is to say that you probably should watch this delightfully different film with its cleverly told story. Good script, interesting characters, and sufficiently humorous that it won't be a complete waste of time even if you aren't you know... into love.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Introducing: Cory Bread

Translation: (Top) A very special tribute to the one and only mother of democracy and first female President of the Philippines and the whole of Asia. (Bottom) President Cory Aquino, thank you very much!

Ok, so they didn't actually just introduced this bread today (it's been there for a couple of months now), but I only saw it today. I'm really not sure what to make of it. It's a curious tribute to be sure. I'd think they're trying to ride the fad except they didn't really advertise this much. So I suppose if the owners of Julie's Bakeshop really felt compelled to remember former President Corazon Aquino, then I imagine this is as good a way as any.

Cory Bread, P5 each

I was intrigued enough that I bought one earlier to try and it's really not bad. Quite good actually, if you like these sort of things. It's essentially caramelized bread with a flavoring common to baked bread that I don't quite know the name of--yellowish in color that looks like grounded bread, anyone? As for it's size, it's just a bit smaller than my hands (6 by 4 inches I reckon). I'm not sure if it reminds me of Cory, but it's creative enough to catch your attention. And for P5 each, I don't see how I can complain about it.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Special screening: A Journey Home

The film will be shown on November 21, 2009 at the UECP Main Sanctuary.

The show will be open for everyone.

You can get your free tickets at the UECP Pastor Office (2511621)

Or you may contact me by leaving a message here or messaging me.

PS In case you want to go there directly, here's instructions on how to go to UECP.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Officially addicted to Dezaato Pan

In case you haven't seen this place yet, Dezaato Pan is a new bake shop owned by the same people who brought us Tempura (Teriyaki Boy rip off--albeit my preferred version), Karate Kid (Tokyo Tokyo rip-off), Flavors of Asia (Superbowl of China rip-off), and now this (Bread Talk rip-off.) Ripping off other restos isn't new in this country and doesn't piss me off as say ripping off films does. Mainly because you still have to work on the taste of your food, and make sure they're better (and maybe even cheaper), and on this aspect, these people almost always manage to do a decent job.

Here's my favorite, their Kani and Corn Roll Bread for P45.

Easily similar to any Bread Talk has to offer but this one's much much better, the bread's is soft enough to make it easy on the jaw, but sufficiently chewy that it allows you to eat and not just inhale food. I love that it's overflowing with floss and the kani and corn baked into the bread gives it a special flavor. And you know what else makes Dezaato Pan better than Bread Talk?

30% off after 7pm! Is that cool or is that cool? Even French Baker makes you wait til closing time!

Of course they have a lot of other things to offer too. Their selection of gelato looks awesome--haven't tried it though. They offer coffee and other designer drinks too. And they look really classy--easily a good alternative to Starbucks or Coffee Bean. They've only have a few branches though (at least as far as I know), I've seen one in Banawe (besides Tempura), one in T. Morato (at Thompson Square) and at SM Mall of Asia., but do check them out and see if you agree with me.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

7-Eleven's Big Bite Challenge Final Match (Finally!)

Last Saturday (November 14), I just witnessed one of the most exciting and gut-wrenching finish to an event I've eagerly anticipated since last August. No, I didn't get the dates mixed up, I'm not talking about the Pacquiao vs Cotto fight. I've always known that Pacquiao will win. No, what I'm talking about is the now long delayed 7-Eleven's Big Bite Hotdog Eating Challenge which I was too chicken to join myself.

Man! Look at them down those hotdogs!

Already twice pushed back, this historic event in the Philippines ended in the same fashion, with the audience's collective breaths' held while sitting at the edge of their seats. The finals started quite simply enough. All 25 finalists were there, and they all look ready. Comedic duo Ariel and Maverick made sure no one got too nervous by poking fun at everything. The finals was quite straightforward enough. Each contestant was given 10 minutes to eat as many hotdogs as they can from a tray that has 50 hotdogs. The one with the least remaining wins. Oh, and they weigh the leftovers, use a complicated formula to determine how much they did not in fact eat, then subtract it from their official score.

50 hotdogs sure looks daunting huh?

Boy was it exciting! At the end of 10 minutes, there appeared to be a clear winner with 14, 2 people tied for 2nd with 13, a guy with 12, another one with 11, 2 with 10 each and 4 with 9 each. After the official count though, they put rolled back the guy with 14 (Kyle) back to 13, took off 10 from the other guy who had 13, thus giving us a 2 way deadlock for 1st and 2nd, another tie for 5th and 6th then a 4 way rumble for the last spot with a cash prize.

Kyle De Guzman's official number got rolled back down by 1 to 13.

Leopoldo Quinto Jr. ties Kyle with 13 amidst the cheers of his fans who went to watch him

I will skip the other tie breakers except to say that while most were enthusiastic during the initial round, most were just about sick of hotdogs during the tie breaker round. In the tie-breaker round, they're given 5 hotdogs, and the fastest to down all 5 wins... except it's not as easy as that. Turns out after downing 13, these guys can't stomach 5 more. So the clock kept ticking... Kyle wolfed down 1 right away but needs a breather before he could continue, Pol having cold sweats now manages only a measly bite on his first. This went on for 6 minutes until the judges mercifully called a time out to renegotiate the rules.

They're just about ready to sick up right there hehe..

The 2 contestants knowing fully well that they can't go any further engages in deep discussion colluding to split both the top prize and the 2nd prize which net each of them a respectable sum of P325K a piece. The judges says no however. They wanted a decisive finish. so they gave them 3 more minutes. The guy who manages to eat the most in 3 takes home the top prize of P500K.

At that, Pol just went wild and wolfed down 1 right away virtually tying Kyle in less than 30 seconds. Over the next minute, he manages 1 more and is now in the lead. Kyle desperately finishes his 2nd to catch up. At the 1 minute mark the crowd just went wild, and Pol as if gaining energy with each scream, just beasted Kyle out of the P500K.

(The winners from left to right) 2nd prize winner of P150K, Kyle De Guzman; Grand prize winner of P500K, Leopoldo Quintos, Jr.; and 3rd prize winner of P75K, Edwin Duque.

Congratulations to all the participants and winners, well done! To 7-Eleven Philippines for bringing this exciting event to our country, thank you! And to all who missed it (like me), there's always next year!

For the curious, here's the list of winners:
1st -- Leopoldo Quintos, Jr. (P500K)
2nd -- Kyle De Guzman (P150K)
3rd -- Edwin Duque (P75K)
4th -- John Paul Aragoncillo (P20K)
5th -- Alejandro Villarino (P20K)
6th -- Jose Lucrecio Rivera (P20K)
7th -- Domingo Beltran (P20K)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Update: Pumpkin Beads at Wer U At

Just in case you missed and or don't have Myx.

*Replays will be at 12pm on Monday, 12:30am on Wednesday, and 4pm on Wednesday at Myx (Ch. 23 in Sky Cable).

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wer u at?

I don't know the answer to that (you may as a matter of course consider hitting the comment button and telling me), but I do know where a certain who's will be at...

that's my friend Kat's online gift shop

will be at

That's right, Myx's "Wer u at?"! Catch her there tomorrow, 8pm.

Using teenagers’ slang way of saying “Where Are You Now?”, Wer U At? is a show that talks about the best hangout places, bars, shops, salons - All places that teenagers frequent. The show is basically a tour on hotspots. Replays will be at 11am on Saturday, 5pm on Sunday, 12pm on Monday, 12:30am on Wednesday, and 4pm on Wednesday.

PS Any idea how one can record this?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

JIV Manila Presents: Otherworldly Journeys

Prepare to be enthralled and taken to a journey unlike any of you've had before...

If you're an art collector, a JIV Manila fan, or just an art enthusiast, you'd definitely enjoy this otherworldly journey.

Otherworldly Journeys opens on November 5 (Wednesday), 5pm at the Mag:Net Cafe at Bonifacio High Street and runs from November 5 to 29. This is JIV Manila's 6th public show, so if you missed the last 5, make sure you don't miss this one. Tell your friends!