Monday, June 30, 2008

Reminder to self: Do a midyear assesment

Tomorrow is the start of the 2nd half of the year. I think it's appropriate to do an assessment of how our year's going so far. Time to check that list of new year's resolution--our targets for this year--taking special note of those we've ignored and procrastinated doing again.

I know it sounds like a daunting task--maybe even a painful one for some. Inasmuch as we wanted to be better this year--more in control, more successful, more fruitful--things just haven't panned out... yet.

Yes, I am suggesting that this coming half is still enough time to catch up. If we used the first half to mess things up, we can use the second half to clean up our acts. Sure we need to hustle a little bit. Be more aggressive in correcting our deficiencies. Rewrite those goals again and set out to do them, one tiny bit at a time. I say do it now or regret it later.

Permit me to cite the recently concluded NBA Finals (yes, I enjoy using NBA and basketball to illustrat my point). Let's take a look and contrast Games 4 and 6.

  • In Game 4, the Boston Celtics were down 18 points at the half playing at the Lakers' home court. Did they give up? No siree! They chipped that lead down bit by bit using their tenacious D and went on to steal that game 97-91.
  • In Game 6, the LA Lakers were down 23 points at the half playing to stay alive and hoping to force a decisive Game 7. They went on to lose by 39 points setting a record for margin of lost in a clincher game for the finals.
So would you rather be a Celtic or a Laker?

Pacman prevails! Celts celebrates!

Pacquiao wins his 4th title becoming the first Asian to ever win 4 titles in 4 different weight divisions, and the first Filipino to ever hold the light weight crown. Why the way he's going, he might just break some more records before he turns 34 (the usual retiring age for boxers).

I think Diaz was just badly outclassed here. Pacman just outpaced, outpunched and outwitted the Mexican. He threw 325 more punches landing 140 more of them than Diaz did. Pacman also demonstrated a very efficient game, landing 37% of his power punches against Diaz's measley 18%! You should check out the state Pacman left Diaz in. And mind you, Pacman was a sportsman enough to be concerned about Diaz after the game. What a stand up guy!

Now I knew the Boston Celtics were stand up guys themselves, but what I didn't know was that they were Pacquiao fans themselves!

I mean just wow right? I see KG, Ray-ray, Pierce, Rondo, and Sam-I-am right there!Way to go Manny! And way to go Celtics! Next year, I won't just be a Celtics fan for the playoffs, I'll be a Celtics fan all the way baby!

Here's hoping JR Giddens will turn out to be that diamond in the rough that will give the Celts an extra push next year!

Manny Pacquio exulting giddily upon getting up close and personal with KG.
Yeah yeah! My dream has come true!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Photohunt: Bright



Just catching the last few rays of brightness before the world turns dark and cold.

Friday, June 27, 2008

An Update on the meme I did (dated 6/21/08)

Reminder to self: Don't do any more tags for JC. (Unless I've nothing better to post.)

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
Commencing my trek to becoming a Physical Therapist in the hallowed walls of UST. A journey I took blindfolded and did now know took 5 years.

*Am I glad I still get to say I was still studying 10 years ago. This aging business sure didn't turn out as fun as I thought it would 10 years ago.

2. Five things on my to-do list today:
It's a Saturday so I plan to

  • blog
  • do my laundry
*had both done before I even went to bed at 6am
  • attend a post-grad update
*as a consequence, I didn't get up in time for this one
  • hangout with friends
*nor this one
  • find time to review for the NPTE
*pretended to do this for 30mins. while waiting for my dinner to be cooked

In that order. Now you know why it's taking me this long to take the exam.

*I was able to hang out with a sick friend and visit my gramps, so it wasn't a wasted weekend

3. Snacks I enjoy:
I snack quite a lot, and thus have to find a relatively healthy one that's filling and tastes good.

Yep! It has fiber too! Try it! :)

4. Places where I've lived:
Let me see... Middle Earth, Narnia, Terminus, Bayport, Hogwarts, the Old Republic, and of course, Springfield. Ok, so I'm a geek like that, sue me.

5. Things I'd do if I were a billionaire:
I'd set up foundations to help educate kids, assist field missionaries, lend start-up capital to gutsy and brilliant business endeavors and fund scientific researches for more efficient energy alternatives, economically relevant inventions or evidence-based studies on alternative medicines/ treatment approaches.

I figured a billion wouldn't be enough for all those, but we all got to start somewhere.

6. People I want to know more about:
Aline, Cam, Dianne, KM, and Vanny. (Yes, that means you've just been tagged Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clipart

*My heart-felt appreciation to Aline, Cam, Dianne and KM. Thanks for taking time to do this. (Yeah yeah, I'm such a drama king. Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clipart

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blog Readability Test

Got tagged by Cam (whom I tagged in the first place so I can't really complain)

Here are the rules:
1. Check out your blog Readability Test here then post it.
2. (OPTIONAL) Stop asking yourself regarding the results of the test (LOL!)
Now since this one's optional, I've decided to ask myself some questions regarding the test and the subsequent results with the hope of providing answers for future test takers. This test purports to determine the requisite level of education necessary to understand one's blog entries. Now while it doesn't really matter what level your blog turns out to be, I imagine you would want to at least get a readability result that approximates the level of your target audience (or a notch below that level to accommodate the mediocre members of that particular subgroup). Otherwise it can be assumed that your target audience will not understand most of your entries or at least only pretend to do so.

Thus it is with great pleasure that I announce the result of my blog's readability.

blog readability test

3. Add your blog from the list together with the results.
1. Big Eyed Gal - High School
2. The Chronic Shopper - Elementary
3. Vital Sighs - Genius
4. Princess Vien - High School
5. Em’s Detour - Junior High School
6. Strawberrygurl and Busy Mom - Elementary
7. Reflexes snapshots of life (on manillapaper) - Junior High School
8. expressions and thoughts - Genius
9. our family story - College (Undergrad)
10. MOMEMO - Genius
11. Deranged Insanity - Genius
12. Traipsey Turvey - Genius
13. Crissy's Haven - High School
14. Memoirs of a Med Student- Genius
15. A Visit to King Hearthur's Court - High School
16. You're NEXT!

4. Tag as many friends as you like.
In an effort to avoid people's ire, I'm just tagging Chicken Mafia (whose readability I bet is Kinder with all that talk about poop) and anyone else there who would like to tag themselves.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Photohunt: Water (2nd this week)


I'm not sure if this is even allowed--a 2nd entry for the week, but I couldn't resist because this is so appropriate for the entry!

I've been saving this clip for almost a year now just to see if it comes true.


Wow! Ain't that something right? He will end flooding in Manila for good! Yay Bayani! If he pulls this off, this will be an accomplishment of historic proportions! A herculean effort to say the least. Just think of the cost this will save the government. I imagine a quarter of the traffic problems during the rainy season being eliminated, not to mention the perennial evacuation of people from areas that return to the sea during this time.

No more bringing of slippers to work just in case you need to wade through flooded streets. No more worrying about leaving your car stranded in the middle of the road, or accidentally being swallowed by an open manhole.

Needless to say, I wasn't optimistic. So when June rolled in, I started keeping my eyes open for any signs of flooding. Now I'm not going to be petty about this. I won't complain about little puddles or even big ones as long as it doesn't stay there for more than a day. I'm giving Bayani a fair chance. This is why I haven't really posted anything about this yet.

Then in comes Typhoon Frank...


This is a photograph taken earlier today courtesy of my sister. That photo is of a main thoroughfare just a few blocks from home--submerged in at least a foot deep of flood water. Not only that, half the main roads I passed by today are either partially flooded or virtually impassable. And most of the small alleys I saw were ankle deep or higher.

I did a little more digging and found that he actually promised the same thing in 2006. Tsk. Sorry Bayani, better luck next year. Though maybe you ought to speed things up a bit or you might just miss out on that presidential nomination you were hoping for.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Photohunt: Water


At least this one's not late.

Love the water because that's the only medium where I can be graceful.

Photohunt: Emotions


Yes, this is really late, I couldn't get the picture I wanted so permit me to revert to my favorite subject. Me! Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clipart

Here are various photos of me in varying degrees of silliness.


Like I said. Silliness. Hope you had fun!

All photos taken from my trip to Singapore last 2005.

Meme: Now that I know what it is, I have developed a dislike for it

Disclaimer: I'm only doing this because I was tagged by the "godfeather" of the Chicken Crime Family. For the record, I think this is a lousy meme. (Huh? What is a meme?!)It's not very interesting, and not worth the time to read it. It's a good thing it's rather simple to do. Feel free to just gloss over it and comment out of topic if you want.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
Commencing my trek to becoming a Physical Therapist in the hallowed walls of UST. A journey I took blindfolded and did now know took 5 years.

2. Five things on my to-do list today:
It's a Saturday so I plan to

  • blog
  • do my laundry
  • attend a post-grad update
  • hangout with friends
  • find time to review for the NPTE

In that order. Now you know why it's taking me this long to take the exam.

3. Snacks I enjoy:
I snack quite a lot, and thus have to find a relatively healthy one that's filling and tastes good.

Yep! It has fiber too! Try it! :)

4. Places where I've lived:
Let me see... Middle Earth, Narnia, Terminus, Bayport, Hogwarts, the Old Republic, and of course, Springfield. Ok, so I'm a geek like that, sue me.

5. Things I'd do if I were a billionaire:
I'd set up foundations to help educate kids, assist field missionaries, lend start-up capital to gutsy and brilliant business endeavors and fund scientific researches for more efficient energy alternatives, economically relevant inventions or evidence-based studies on alternative medicines/ treatment approaches.

I figured a billion wouldn't be enough for all those, but we all got to start somewhere.

6. People I want to know more about:
Aline, Cam, Dianne, KM, and Vanny. (Yes, that means you've just been tagged Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clipart

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Boston Three Party

Sorry! Couldn't resist the pun. Game 6 was indeed a party where the Lakers where invited to be humiliated.
  • Ray Allen came out smoking and ended up shooting 7/9 from three points tying a single game record and 22 for the series, setting an NBA Finals record.
  • Kevin Garnett was scoring at will, rebounding left and right, finishing the series with a double double, 18ppg, and 13rpg.
  • Paul Pierce was all hearts, leading all Celtics with close to 22 ppg and 6 apg.
And Rajon Rondo, the difference maker scoring a total of 21 pts, 7 rebs, 8 assists, and a whooping 6 steals to match Kobe's 6 TO's (making a Finals record himself).

If you saw the Celt's Games 4 comeback and then adding my theory to the equation, it was clear that Boston would walk away the Champs after Game 6 (though I never would've believed that it would happen the way it did). What was difficult, at least for me though, is to pick who should win Finals MVP.

I know Paul Pierce deserved it, but so did KG and Allen. A lot of different players stepped up in crucial parts of the series. Clearly this is a team in the very essence of the word, very much unlike Kobe and the Lakers. So while I wanted Ray Allen to win Finals MVP (because I think he was the most consistent among the 3 during the entire series) and though I agree that Paul Pierce was the heart of this team (KG too arguably), I think the real Finals MVP for the Celtics is Kobe Bryant.

Yep, it's our season MVP, Kobe! He only scored almost 26ppg, down from 33 against the Suns and the Jazz, and 29 against the Spurs, and shot a poor 40% from the field. He takes a third of all their shots, and produces only a quarter of the team's scoring output. Yep, he messed up their offense pretty bad, and that's a problem when you're team is only known for your offense. So one could reasonably say that he won the Celtics their championship.

Anyhow, I think this is a fitting ending for their storybook season down to a fairy tale finish. They started and ended the season strong with a 66-16 W-L record. From the kid who didn't even get in the line to be picked for the post-season extravaganza last year to the Belle of the Ball this year. This Boston trio is as good as any they ever had. And they have now crossed the line, leaving NBA greats like Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone and Reggie Miller, achieving their first championship title together. At the expense of their age-old rival too, the LA Lakers.

Congratulations to the Boston Celtics, NBA Champions 2008!
NBA... where amazing happens.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Boston Big 3 Meeting in LA just before giving LA Game 5, series still in favor of Boston at 3-2

Before the start of Game 5
After watching the video above where a man wearing a Celtic jersey in a public viewing of Game 2 at the Staples Center almost got himself killed...

Kevin: "Hey guys I just saw a vid on youtube... I'm not sure I feel like getting lynched in LA tonight."
Ray: "Same here this being my first time winning a championship and all."
Paul: "Hmm... Ok leave it to me. We're never going to win if I hog the ball."
Kevin: "Be sure to spread the ball a bit though ok? We don't want to be too obvious."

At half-time
P: "Good job Ray, we sure showed them who's boss. Nows the time to start missing those shots though. We just want to scare 'em, not beat them."
R: "Sure thing Cap!"
P: "And yo KG! Start rebounding some or it's gonna be telling."
R: "And while you're at it, ease up the D on Pau, I mean it's cool if you foul out and all, but Kobe might just decide to lose this game all by himself."

After the game
K: "Tremendous effort you guys... now that's what I call team work!"
R: "I'm splitting, don't want to have to lie to those reporters."
P: "See you back at the Garden. And dream me up some gold!"

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Now we're going back to Boston to end Kobe's dream of ever coming close to his Airness. Boston 92, LA 87. Unless Joey Crawford decides he has beef with KG or if Bennett Salvatore's cosa nostra are closet Kobe fans. Yes, these 2 great referees will be officiating the game along with Eddie Rush.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Cardiac Rehabilitation Week 2008

June 16 to 20


"Cardiac Rehabilitation Week"

At least it is in the Philippines, I think they celebrate it around February in the US. The Cardiac Rehabilitation Section of the Philippine Heart Center (my work and my advocacy) have been celebrating it for the last 3 years (in cooperation with the Council of Cardiac Rehabilitation of the Philippine Heart Association).

This year, in light of the economic crisis we are in right now, we are highlighting the cost-effectiveness of joining a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. We see lots of patients after an open-heart surgery or other cardiac events who don't enroll in the program because of financial constraints when such a program isn't even 3% of the entire cost of the procedure. This despite proof that entering such a program would save them time and money by virtue of a faster recovery, and in the long run, minimized hospital re-admissions.1 Instead they turn to alternative medicines, most of which are mere quackery and are largely unproven.

Clearly education is necessary. The guidelines the council came up with last 2005 defined Cardiac Rehabilitation as...

...a comprehensive process by which patients with or at risk of cardiovascular disease, with the help of a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals are restore to and maintained at their optimal well being.

Council on Cardiac Rehabilitation, PHA (2005)

Thus it is our goal not only to reach people with heart disease but those who are at risk of having one as well. So let me take this opportunity to invite everyone to participate in our activities.

June 16 (Monday)
"Cardiac Rehabilitation through the years"
a photo exhibit

June 19 (Thursday)
Lay Forum and Health Fair
9am to 12nn

"Alternative Medicines:Are they effective?"
by Dr. Leandro Bongosia
Section Chief

"Stress Management for these difficult times"
by Dr. Edgardo Ebba
Training Officer

Free ECG, Cholesterol and Random Blood Sugar testing
interpretation by Consultant Cardiologists

June 20 (Friday)
Cooking Demo of healthy and cost-efficient recipes
1 to 2:30pm

Come and join us! It's free! And it could very well be your heart you save. See ya! (Feel free to contact me for queries.)

This is our logo as it should be.


And this is the photo-montage I prepared for the exhibit. Not bad huh? Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clipart


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I have nothing but admiration for all fathers out there, but this Father's Day isn't just for you.

It's also for mothers who are forced to be fathers because the guy who got them knocked up doesn't deserve to be called a father.

It's also for grandfathers (and grandmothers for that matter) who takes on the responsibility of rearing their grandchildren because their children are incapable of doing so (either because of their early demise, financial incapability, or lack of responsibility).

It's also for our kuyas and ates who protected us from the school bully, helped us with our homeworks, gave us extra money for our baon and bore the responsibility of facing teachers when we were too afraid to tell our parents we messed up in school again.

It's also for leaders, teachers, pastors, spiritual advisers, and bosses (sometimes) who take on the role of guiding us, their "children" in the aspect of life that our biological fathers can not always be present for.

And finally, it's for our Creator, the eternal Father who made us, cared for us, guided us, provided for us and loved us. Our father we see but don't look at, hear but don't listen to, feel but don't love as much as He loves us.

To all of them... Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Boston takes Game 4 for a commanding 3-1 series lead

Wow! I'm 4 out of 4 on my predictions on who's going to win! Ok, so I'm unable to guess the final score, or even get to within +/- 5 of it, but who cares? I'm winning a burger (c/o JC if you must know)! Was I ever the pessimist about Rondo's injury... who would've thought that House and Posey would combine for 6/12 from the three point territory? They combined for a 29 points almost tying the output of Lakers' backcourt and shooting close to 50% doing it.

Way to go Kobe, you sure can light it up anytime. Kudos to KG and Paul Pierce who finally took it closer to the hole this game, shooting 50% and 46% from the field respectively. And Allen has been the stable one all series, I guess now is time enough to be making up for his lousy performance against the Cavs and the Hawks.

I predict a Lakers win tomorrow, if only to give the Celtics a chance to have a big celebration at the Garden. Way to go Boston! We're taking home another one baby!

Quotable quotes from Chino Trinidad in the RPN 9 coverage of the Game 4 (c/o JC):
"Garnett's open shot was challenged" <- now that's really stupid, then, after Pierce made a layup, he shouts "he got the free throw! or rather, two shots. ...two points".

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

I know the Philippines is in an economic turmoil, and yes I know that we have been under a tyrannical troll for some time now, but still we are the Pearl of the Orient, right? Apparently, not anymore.

Do we have anything left to be proud of? I'd like to think so. We are still the country of Jose Rizals and Andres Bonifacios, the land teeming with talents like Manny Pacquiao, Efren "Bata" Reyes, Leah Salonga and Chariz Pempengco, the fiercely proud community that supports our own like Jasmine Trias, and our bets for the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Yes, this is a beautiful country. And I take exception that Reader's Digest April 2008 issue's article "First Class Asia", did not mention a single destination in the Philippines. I've been to Boracay and Davao, and they're nothing if not first class. I've heard tourists rave about diving in Siargao and spelunking in Sagada.

Some might say that I'm choosing to look at this country with rose-tinted glasses, but I beg to differ. As a Filipino raised and molded here, a native who grew up enjoying our sometimes-overly-warm-but-generally-pleasant climate, nourished by food that are so good Overseas Filipino Workers brings large boxes of it with them whenever they leave, we have learned to take the good with the bad.

Yes, we have problems--corrupt officials and indifferent citizens, dead heroes and living shams, copy-cat entertainment and drones who follow them, outdated laws and reactionary legislation, people who just want to get away from it all and people who just gave up on it all. Despite all this however, where else can you find people who laugh at themselves despite their woes? Who can smile and chide while their stomach growls in hunger? Who would walk or ride a bike because the price of petrol just rose again? Who despite all these troubles would spend P2.50 or more to text and vote for Ejay because they believe that he, like themselves, deserve a better life? I say only in the Philippines!

So regardless of our troll and oil troubles, I say think positive! For this too shall past. God has chosen us and carefully placed us here for a reason. I believe that He has equipped us for the burden that every Filipino carries--He has equipped us with the boundless capacity to love.

Now if only we can direct that love to our country. Let's start now. Before we all fade away.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lakers take Game 3, series now at 2-1

Lamar was Lame yet again, but the Celtics still lost. Apparently, only 1 of the Big 3 flew in to LA. Yes, I put the blame on this one squarely on KG and Paul Pierce's collective shoulders.

They fell in love with their non-existent jumpers in this game. Paul Pierce only made 1 of his 10 jumpers, no dunks and only 4 layups. And KG only shot 4 of 15! He actually made 2 dunks and yet he kept settling for those jump shots. The result? Only one trip to the FT line. He lack the aggressiveness they needed, and they lost.

And no, this was not a good defensive game no matter what the scoreboard tells you. It was a lousy offensive effort from both teams. They should be ashamed of themselves, this is the Finals after all.

Celtics in Game 4 if Rondo isn't seriously injured, if he is, I might as well concede my burger. Eddie House seems to enjoy shooting just a tad too much.

Sleep Problem

No, it's not insomnia. I can still sleep whenever I want to. Except when I sleep early, say between 9 to 11 pm, I find myself waking up a few hours later, usually around 2am. I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep then until 5am. That translates to waking up late and getting to work late. On the other hand, when I sleep late (i.e. past 12mn), I wake up late, and thus get to work late. Either way, I'd end up feeling drowsy so I will then try to sneak a nap within the day, usually around lunch time or after my shift. Despite 30 to 60min. of nap however, I still end up feel drowsy the remainder of the day.

I'm not totally worried because I still manage to do whatever it is I need to do for the day, but it's just a tad bit disconcerting thinking about it. Especially since I'm not sure what the best course of action to take in order to solve this. The usual advice of sleeping early goes out of the window because of my silly waking-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night routine. Taking sleeping medications is definitely not an option because there's a huge chance I'd still wake up in the middle of the night, or wake up and find that it's the middle of the day.

Last night, I attempted a different approach. I merely stopped sleeping and went to work as soon as the sun was up. I took long walks, which were refreshing and kept me feeling energized the whole morning. I stole a nap during lunch that ended up turning into a 2 hour sleep which didn't help me at all. I felt sluggish most of the afternoon.

Tonight, I'm going for a 6 hour sleep starting at 1:30am, and see if I could get myself up and running by 7:30am. I need at least 6 hours of sleep because tonight is Badminton night. I'm slow enough as it is on court without throwing fatigue into the equation.

So if you have any suggestions (that does not include any of the above mentioned strategies, please feel free to share them.

It's close to 1:30am now so I guess I'll log off.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boston def. LA 108-102 to take a 2-0 series lead

Ok, so my final score prediction was way off, but seriously Leon Powe with 21 points in 14-something minutes? Who could've predicted that?! Not the Lakers that's for sure. I'm glad Powe the Show (as he was known back when he played at the AAU Ball) got more minutes for this game, and that he showed Doc that he deserves it. I like this guy because he's a hard worker. I read a True Hoop article quoting Powe as saying, "If I don't play hard, it's food that's not going on the table for my family." Too bad he's an undersized PF at 6'8.

I can't really provide much insight for this game since I wasn't able to watch it. Certain congratulations are in order though: Paul Pierce coming out strong and delivering. Leon Powe of course, the unknown that rock the Black Mamba's perfect Hollywood-style comeback (ok, what did I just say there huh?), Ray Allen shooting well, and my boy Rondo! Way to go leading the floor... 16 whooping assists! He sure is blossoming into the floor leader that the Suns wish they kept.

I'm glad Paul Pierce's knee is ok, and that he's shooting better than Ray Allen at this point. 4 out of 4 from the 3! And Ray Allen's not shooting bad too! I'm glad that KG got 17 points and 14 rebs, if only KG can go to the basket more instead of shooting those jumpers, he'd get a higher fg%. And I hope the Celts do a better defensive job the next game--giving up 41 points in the 4th quarter is not good defense. Theirs just looked good because Lakers defense was so bad, Phil Jackson had to make a bad pun, "Our defense was so at ease it was a disease." But a win is a win.

As for my Game 3, though I want the Celtics to win, I expect Kobe to give his team a good talking to. So as much as I would hate to do this, I predict a Lakers win, 120 to 102. Unless Lamar the Lame messes up again. Help me cheer for the Celtics as they try for three at the Staples Center, Tuesday, 8:30pm E.T. (8:30am, Philippine Time @ RPN 9)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Game 2: LA Lakers @ the Boston Garden

As exciting as Game 1 was, I'm looking forward to Game 2 even more. Now the Lakers will try to steal one in the Boston's home court so they'd have an apportunity to close it in 5 games at home. We'll see if Jackson can adjust their attack.

We'll also get to find out how serious Pierce's injury is, or if Ray Allen's new defensive prowess (against Kobe no less) would hold out. I'm hoping KG will be more aggressive inside, and that Leon Powe will get more minutes.

I predict another Boston win, inasmuch as the Lakers are a good road team(27-14 during the regular season, and 4-4 this playoffs, one of each are to the Celts), the Celtics are even better at home (35-6 during the regular season, and 12-1 this playoffs, none of which are to the Lakers). The final score would probably be a little closer this time, maybe 95-91, especially with Boston wanting to slow it down even more.

We'll see if I'm right. Game 2 at the Boston Garden, June 8, Sunday 8:30pm E.T. You can also watch it live at RPN 9, on June 9 (yay holiday!), Monday @8:30am, Philippine Time.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Photohunt: Bad Hair


It's that time of the week again. Since I couldn't get the photo I want, I decided to post a picture of my just-woke-up hair instead. I know what you're thinking--clearly I have no shame. I do actually, which is why I didn't show my face this time.


Good news though, I just had a hair cut (yep, now I'm turning girly giving updates on my hair--no offense to women everywhere). Will post a picture of that soon.

Boston Celtics def. LA Lakers 98 to 88 for 1-0 series lead

In what turned out to be a dramatic opening to a promising series, the Boston Celtics takes game 1 at home.

The Big 3 had respectable numbers, 24 for Kevin Garnett, 21 for Paul Pierce and 19 for Ray Allen. Rondo came up big with 15points, 7 assists and 5 rebs.

Did the Celts come out smoking--not exactly. The truth didn't catch fire until the 2nd half. This after he was literally carried off the court after he hurt his knee, came bounding back to the tune of Rocky, and came smoking with 3's galore! It's like he drank a Ray Allen potion or something!

This was very timely because at this point, KG (who for some reason decided he didn't want to mess it up with Pau Gasol just kept shooting jumpers) started missing his shots early in the third quarter. He was actually a whooping 8/11 before he started chucking shots--missing 9 straight jump shots before he put the exclamation point on this game with a slam dunk put back against a Lakers defense that went home early.

I think it's promising that Ray Allen played well. He was scoring, though his shooting touch was a little bit off (38% from the field and 33% from three), he was aggressive--finding himself on the charity stripe 8 times (double his usual numbers). and he played great 1-on-1 defense against Kobe Bryant who was forced to take more jump shots than is necessarily healthy.

The real Celts MVP for this game though is their team defense ( I know that sounds lame) but it's true. They were a monster on the boards especially KG (also Leon Powe was a monster on the offensive board in his limited playing time), and they kept their fouls to a minimum, allowing Kobe only 6 attempts at the line. It was also significant that their defense was able to put Kobe in "I am team" mode early in the 4th where he stopped passing altogether, forcing the Lakers to a 4th quarter output of only 15points. Now it would've been bad if he poured in 20 points in this quarter all by his lonesome (where 15 is actually all he needed) , but he only made 1 out of his 5 shots this final period finishing with a paltry24 points on a 9 of 26 shooting.

The Lakers have been 0-3 against the Celtics this year. In those games, Kobe's only made 24 shots out of 72 attempts and contributing only 12 assists. Let's see if they can adjust and pick themselves up for the next game. I'm not betting on it though.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Game 1: Lakers @ Boston

In a few hours, a rivalry will be renewed when the LA Lakers visit the Boston Celtics. Who will come out on top? Again, this is a war were the battles are just as important as the outcome.

I'm personally rooting for the Celtics. I'd like to see their Big 3 finally get their rings. They've done all the right things in the regular season, but they've screwed up quite a few in the playoffs. Were they able to learn from their mistakes and use it in this series?

The Lakers are sure to come out fighting--never mind that they're doing it on enemy soil. Kobe seems to be able to thrive anywhere. Though they lost twice in the regular season to the daunting Celtics, they didn't have Gasol then. They have been relentless in the playoffs, will their new found team work bring them all the way?

My game 1 prediction: Boston on top with the final score hovering around 104-97. They should be able to pull this off if they can keep Kobe from getting his teammates into the game like they did the last couple of times they met. They should be able to come out strong in the first half and the 2nd., not just offensively, but defensively too--keeping from fouling while forcing turnovers.
And lastly, they need a strong game from both Perkins and Rondo.

Go celts!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy birthday pappy!

Yep! It's my natural father's birthday last Sunday, (no hidden meaning). And I don't call him pappy in real life too, I just thought it would sound cool (which I guess it doesn't.)


So where did we eat? There's actually an interesting story to that. See when we went over to pick my dad (no we don't call him that either) up to go out, he insinuated wanting to invite the whole family (meaning his brother's family) which we don't mind except it seems he wants to go somewhere expensive. Now, I'm not being a cheapskate or anything, but I did think spending a fortune to show off in this bad economy is definitely not smart.

So off we went to find a flashy yet not too expensive place to eat. And guess where we ended up making reservations for?


At P580 per hear, it's not exactly cheap, but we have to accede to something right? It's our dear daddy's (nope still not this one) birthday anyway.


A table for Mr. A King please! (yeah yeah, I've fallen in love with taking pictures of everything.) And just a small sample of what I ate.


(S-wise from the top we have salmon sashimi, ebi and kani tempura, a couple of strange looking maki, gyoza, lechon de leche, pork humba, fried round thingy, and to round it off, as stick of pork bar-b-q, chicken yakitori and skewered liver)


Yes, I'm such an amateur photographer. But the dessert's good right?



And how can I forget the all-time Filipino favorite, the halo-halo bar?


All in all, we had fun, even though they decided to talk about business problems in the middle of the whole thing.


Not at all a very good photo since the food attendant who took it was overeager. But the family's there, and my gramps is smiling. The little one is my new nephew, my first and only nephew in fact. He just turned 6 mos. last Sunday.


Don't be scared little one. The world maybe big and terrifying sometimes, but it can be amazingly beautiful as well.

Happy birthday Papa! We don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, but one thing's for sure, we love you! :)