Sunday, August 9, 2009


It was Ateneo vs. La Salle today at UAAP Men's Basketball, and I happened to be at The Gateway Mall (as I often am for one reason or another). I'm used to seeing throngs of greens and blues fill the area around Araneta Coliseum, the escalators inside Gateway and the LRT whenever I chanced upon a matchup like I did today. Except today, there was little blue or green, and more yellow?

Hold on... blue plus green ain't yellow is it?

The official explanation is Cory's passing of course--a gesture of unity if you will except I have a sneaking suspicion that this is all part of UST's grandplan of getting people to support them (or at least make a gesture of it albeit through misrepresentation) without winning a single decent game (we all know beating NU and UP does not count). It's a scam I tell ya!


joyfulchicken said...

UST murdered Cory!?

Visual Velocity said...

"we all know beating NU and UP does not count"

-> In fairness, we're good at cheerleading. :p

darkjedi said...

so many rich kids and rich kid wannabes in one place.
it's a wonder that the place didn't blow up with all the inflated egos.

politically correct statement: rich or poor, some people are arrogant some are not.

Lester said...

Or could be FEU's plan...

crickette inserto said...

u're funny!
two of my sisters are from ateneo... the other is from lasalle.
they go crazy during the games!
im from CEU, i dont care who wins!
but, u have to admit, the games are so entertaining to watch!

philos said...

@JC: Hmmm... I supposed watching UST's inablity to keep the lead can induce cancer cells to break out of disgust.

@Andy: Hehe... That we are... well not me exactly :)

@darkjedi: Wow... such bitterness!

@Lester: ???

@...crickette...: Thanks! :) I don't care who wins either, and while I'm sure the games are entertaining to watch, seeing my Tigers lose is just to painful to enjoy.

Hey, is Crickette your real name? Sounds pretty cool :)

darkjedi said...

@philos: it is what it is.
i find it to be a big injustice for anyone to have a higher assessment of himself than what is real, get away with it, and even benefit from it...
while other people need to work hard for everything they get and what they get is much less than what they deserve.

crickette inserto said...

crickette is just my nickname but ive had that nickname since i was a baby. so it wasn't one of those names u give yourself when u're in hs and u wanna be cool... (haha)

crix. that was crickette's highschool alternative! (hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahha)

Anonymous said...

@darkjedi: but aren't u being judgmental too? with what u're saying? hey, im not trying to argue w/ u, ok? but i'd have to defend some of my good friends who went to those schools too (my sisters too)

u can't generalize an accusation like that cus, that's not entirely true.

i have friends who did not graduate from those schools but are brilliant and therefore have BRILLIANT positions at top companies.

although it may be true that they are favored and given better chances... it's only the other schools fault for not aspiring the same for their alumni... it's neither ateneo nor la salle's fault.

u will NEVER get less than u deserve if u always choose excellence.

yeah, THERE ARE ASSh***S with inflated egos in those schools but then again--- there are arrogant ASSh***S everywhere.

ps. i am not an atenean nor am i from la salle

darkjedi said...

Just to clarify things:

1. I give each and every individual the benefit of the doubt. it's just that the proportion of arrogant fools among the population of those schools is much larger than that of the general population. this comes from experience having graduated from DLSU myself and having met a lot of Ateneans as well.

2. The real world isn't as fair as we'd like it to be. Brilliance and work ethic are much less factors to a person's success in the real world than they are, say, at school. People can bluff and bully their way to success. it's not how good you are but how good your client/boss thinks you are. Kudos to those who succeed through their own merits. But it makes me sick to my stomach having to answer to people of inferior quality and to bow to the whims of idiots who happen to have power, status, and lots of money.

austenfan said...

"beating UP does not count"?

ouch! :p