Saturday, November 21, 2009

Introducing: Cory Bread

Translation: (Top) A very special tribute to the one and only mother of democracy and first female President of the Philippines and the whole of Asia. (Bottom) President Cory Aquino, thank you very much!

Ok, so they didn't actually just introduced this bread today (it's been there for a couple of months now), but I only saw it today. I'm really not sure what to make of it. It's a curious tribute to be sure. I'd think they're trying to ride the fad except they didn't really advertise this much. So I suppose if the owners of Julie's Bakeshop really felt compelled to remember former President Corazon Aquino, then I imagine this is as good a way as any.

Cory Bread, P5 each

I was intrigued enough that I bought one earlier to try and it's really not bad. Quite good actually, if you like these sort of things. It's essentially caramelized bread with a flavoring common to baked bread that I don't quite know the name of--yellowish in color that looks like grounded bread, anyone? As for it's size, it's just a bit smaller than my hands (6 by 4 inches I reckon). I'm not sure if it reminds me of Cory, but it's creative enough to catch your attention. And for P5 each, I don't see how I can complain about it.


Visual Velocity said...

It almost looks like a pretzel. Yum!

Momisodes said...

Very clever! And it looks delicious to me :)

ALiNe said...

matry nga

Ast Abe said...

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philos said...

@Andy: Hehe... it strangely does. Taste nothing like it though.

@Momisodes: And it's cheap, so easy enough to try

@Aline: Let me know how you like it.

@Ast Abe: Here's my email add:, just remove the period, at and period and replace it with @

Ast Abe said...

Thank you so much for responding.. I already emailed the survey questions.. Thank you very much! We really appreciate your participation and help.. Thank you again! Good day!