Monday, December 7, 2009

YesNoMeh giveaways!

Ok, this is a pretty late entry because I've been really busy. I intended to do this last week and promote this contest that JC and Lizz have over at their new blog, YesNoMeh. As it is now, there's 2 days left of the contest, but what the heck right? You have 2 days to join. And if you happen to catch this late, then head on over anyway, it's a really cool blog. I'm sure you'll have fun anyway.

Now, since I'm not inclined to post so short an entry, might as well join (hehe...)

1. What is your favorite beauty ritual?
This one's really quite easy. Whenever I need to do something important, like attend a wedding, deliver a lecture, or go on an important date (or at least that's what I'd do if I ever find myself going to an important date), I keep myself unkempt for a week or 2 before that particular day (I grow my beard, hair, and moustache on purpose, but I still take a bath and keep myself clean of course). And the night before, I take a nice hair cut, shave off my facial hairs, and trim my nails. Not much of a beauty ritual, but that is mine. And I tell you, the difference is staggering. I lose a decade with this strategy--after gaining it first sure, but still right?

2. Why is grooming important?
My answer on question no. 1 of course is related to my answer here. The main reason I do what I do before an important event is to emphasize the effect of grooming. Grooming is important, nay, requisite to civilized life! There's a reason why the personal care industry is a billion dollar industry, because we all need it, one way or the other. Never mind makeup or those add-ons, but hair and skin care? Can't do without it. Unless you wanna look like

Louis Winthorpe III after he got played by Duke & Duke.


joyfulchicken said...

Why do you have to be intentional unkempt for a week or two before an important day?

philos said...

@jc: Because the effect it creates is powerful, not just externally, but internally... like when you've been wearing your hair long for quite some time then have a hair cut... refreshing feeling right?

Lizz said...

Philos- Thanks for joining the contest! And those are pretty interesting rituals, haha.

Avril Lavigne interview said...

Good luck with the game, hope you win!

lester said...

@JC: maybe a plus on the psych

Visual Velocity said...

Who won? :p

joyfulchicken said...

@Andy: Not philos unfortunately :-D The list of winners has been posted on

philos said...

@Andy: Not me, somehow they figured out that I won't be able to use them anyway because 1) I only go out on dates a couple of times a decade; and 2) I only get invited to speak once a year hehe

@JC & Lizz: Congratulations on the contest, smashing success! :)

@Les: I think you mean psyche, but I appreciate you trying to explain on my behalf

@Avril Lavigne interview: I didn't, but thanks :)