Sunday, May 1, 2011

NBA Playoffs 2K11 Smackdown Update!

About 2 weeks ago, when the NBA Playoffs started, me and Joyful Chicken went head to head ala True Hoop's Stat Geek Smackdown. Rules are simple, 5 points for predicting the series outcome, and extra 2 points for predicting the number of games.

joyful chicken


After the first round, here's a look at the scoreboard:

 NBA GeekChi vs IndMia vs PhiBos vs NYOrl vs AtlSA vs MemLA vs NODal vs PorOKC vs DenTotal

As expected, one is up by 5 because we disagreed on the outcome of the Dallas vs Portland series, other than that, we, like most "experts", didn't foresee both the Magic and the Spurs elimination, though we bought agreed that it was going to be a difficult series for both teams. Right now looking at the True Hoop Smackdown Scoreboard, JC is tied with sports economist Dave Berri for 3rd place, and I'm tied at the 2nd to the last place with overrated ESPN Analyst John Hollinger, Basketball Reference's Neil Paine and Las Vegas gambler extraordinaire (or so Henry Abbot leads me to believe) Haralabos Voulgaris. So clearly, a bad sign for me.

So now I owe Josh a small prize (to be decided) for losing round 1. We've decided a week or so ago, that each round's winner gets a small prize, and the grand winner gets a big prize, none of which we've settled on as yet. I have very little hope for the 2nd round however. Here's a look at our 2nd round predictions:


NBA Geek Chi vs Atl Mia vs Bos Mem vs OKC LA vs Dal
Chi in 6 Bos in 7 OKC in 5 LA in 6
joyfulchicken Chi in 5 Bos in 7 OKC in 7 LA in 6

We're all in agreement on who will win the series. The only series to take a special look at is the Chicago vs Atlanta one and the OKC vs Memphis one. This will be the difference maker of around 2 to 4 pts assuming one of us get the exact no. of games right. So clearly, I have no chance to get ahead in this series from this round. I can only hope to win myself a small prize, and maybe cut the 5 point lead to 1. We'll see.

Join us via the comment section if you want.

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