Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Our Mother's Day activities started off wrong because I was really sleepy the whole time having stayed up late to make the Mother's Day post. We even had to go commute to TriNoMa after church because my mom had to go to yoga and she's heading straight there after. Then when me and my sibs stop by McDonald's to grab a quick breakfast, they didn't have breakfast anymore even though those were the only pictures they had on. When we finally got to TriNoMa, it was wild! It was like a third of Manila decided to converge on this exact same triangle!


It took us close to an hour to just to find a restaurant because
  1. we wanted something different from our usual fare
  2. there really were that many people
  3. and we were cheapskates (at least I was)

We ended up eating at Fish and Co. because
  1. it seemed different from our usual fare
  2. even though there were many people here, they gave us free snacks and drinks while we waited
  3. and I thought fish was supposed to be cheap
Boy was I wrong. Ok, to some this might not be considered expensive. To me though it is. My upper limit per plate is P350 max unless it's eat-all-you-can then I'd consent to go up to P600, and once to P900. This one was at least P500/plate and didn't include drinks. I didn't have the heart order, but we eventually settled on a few things. Mostly Fish and Chips and a New York Fish and Chips which had cheese. I ordered the Grilled Porkchop Basilica to share with my mom (she has yet to arrive at the place because the line going in to the parking was terrible).


The food turned out quite good (it better be right?). I like the porkchops, though the rest of them didn't. They liked the fish which I thought was ok. In fact I'd say the whole experience was fun if not for the costs hehe... I'm such a cheapskate. Well, as long as my mom was happy, we were happy. And she got a surprise too (oh, I forgot to mention that we picked this one partly because they promised to surprise moms with a gift hehe).


She got some tote bag and GC from Rustan's. And they even commissioned somebody from Digiprint to take photos of their guests as souvenirs.

From left to right, there's my brother, his fiancée, my grammy, mom's sis, mom, my sis, and me. This one was actually taken using our camera, I couldn't scan the one she took because our scanner's broken (for about a couple of years now... hmm, come to think of it, I don't even know where it is now).

So why this lengthy discussion about our Fish and Co. lunch? Because my mom wanted me to blog about them. Said she appreciated their service, how they responded with courtesy and even enthusiasm with each of our many requests. So if anyone from Fish and Co. TriNoMa ever wander into this blog, our heartfelt thanks for making our mom feel special.

Then we wandered aimlessly around the mall until we were pulled in by DQ for dessert. I can just imagine the calories we ingested that day, not that I'm concerned or anything.

Before we headed home, we swung by Timezone where my mom somehow ended up playing the simulated version of the game show Deal or No Deal.


Finally, we went to Thewi Thai Massage (more about them next time) for nth time. Had a relaxing and satisfying time before we all went home.


All in all, while it didn't start out well, it ended well, with all of us relaxed and my mom happy (at least I hope). And that is what's most important after all right?

So how'd yours go? Feel free to write and let me know. I'd love hear about your Mother's Day experience too! God bless you all! :)

5 comments: said...

Belated happy mother's day to your mom!

I agree that the service in Fish 'n Co. is superb. My niece had her 1st birthday there and we were satisfied with their service.

joyfulchicken said...

What would anyone think that fish is supposed to be cheap? :-P

philos said...

@random ramblings: Yeah, good service and good food, now if only they can work on the price hehe... thanks for dropping by.

@JC: You mean why right? Because I always go to the market, and fish is always the cheapest think you can buy next to veggies. So it's economical to be a pesco-vegetarian too! hehe

ceemee said...

I think I want to try Fish & Co. He he!
For my mother's and my Mother's Day, we went to Jay-J's at Timog for dinner. :o)

philos said...

@cym: Hi Cym! Thanks for dropping by! You should, and when you do, let me know so I'd let my mom know then maybe she'd be happy hehe... :p