Monday, May 19, 2008

Photohunt: Candy


Candy Corner

Treats we look forward to whether we're 9 or 99. A bribe for drinking your medicine, reward for being good, or the thing that cause your punishment in the first place. They sure bring to mind a lot of fond memories.


Candies at the Corner

A livelihood for a lot of Filipinos. The difference between imminent death and daily survival. This particular candy kit can be found in almost all corners of the metropolis along with the other staple, cigarettes.


Funny how we can think of one and not the other.


.::. Vanny .:. said...

aww. what a big diff. makes me feel guilty in spending too much money. haha.

btw, just droppon by in ur haus! hope to see in mine. ciao!

Katherine said...

Candy, candy!!! :) No, wait, ice cream, ice cream! :P

That's gross--cigarettes as candies~~

But I like how you described that--social paradox.

philos said...

@vanny: thanks for dropping by, how'd you manage to find this though? :)

@km: glad u liked how i described that, must've stolen the cliche somewhere :p

Anonymous said...

LOL at candies in the corner, takatak boys came to mind. I cannot believe you picked up photohunt from me, I mean, I haven't even visited your site! i thought my first encounter with you was over at

Kingdom said...

Katol Candies! I like that! or....Candy scented Katol! haha! :D

philos said...

@aloha penny: yep, from CM... I checked out your blog and saw you doing photo hunt... I checked it out and ended up doing it too :)

@james: hehe :p