Monday, October 20, 2008

A close encounter with Veronica Domingo

I was casually strolling along Morayta1 last night basically minding my own business when something happened that caused me to stop minding my own business. Now I will try to narrate what happened as accurately as possible--unfortunately a lot of what happened is now a blur to me.

Now I'm not sure if I noticed the lady about 10 paces in front of me first or right after a group of college students literally stopped on their tracks after she walk passed them. I'm using the word she, but truth is, I'm not really sure at this point if she was a she. See she was tall, nice long hair, rather sexy in my opinion, nice legs (she was wearing shorts) and all, but she looked a bit too tall and she had broad shoulders. She could easily have been a model type or a pretty gay guy (see it's hard to tell looking at her back especially when she's ten paces away). I only heard a few words from the group when I walked pass them, but my interest was especially piqued because I heard one of them (a seemingly gay guy come to think of it) say something about coming across people like her or something to that effect.

So what did I do next? I did my best to overtake her so I could have a look. Trust me, a lot of men do this. Inasmuch as I was a fast walker, I couldn't overtake her--it was a good thing she went inside a 7/11. I went in and I purchased something just as she was--accidentally bumping into her in the process--it was really an accident, honest! I said sorry, and she was all nice about it and even gave me a smile. That's when I saw that she couldn't have looked like a gay guy if she tried. See she was rugged, probably tougher than some guys I know. She's got a few nick and bruises here and there. She looks really tough but still very pretty--she had this gorgeous pair of eyes and a really lovely smile to match.

Now getting back to my tale, I apologized and left. That's when I saw the same group of students and they're now hanging outside the store. And this time I heard what they're talking about loud and clear.
Hey, do you know Veronica from Survivor Philippines? That's her in there.
Guess what I did next?


Don't get me wrong, I'm not in love with her or anything. Sure, I might have a little crush on her. I mean how could you not? She's pretty, and nice (and that was before I shamelessly told her I'm a fan) and she's tough. I like tough women. She reminds me of that girl in My Sasy Girl (not that I think she's anything like her).

And my, this has got to be the most star-strucked I've ever been. Heck, I've never felt giddy about a celebrity sighting ever before--and she's not even a big celebrity yet! I'm just sorry I haven't shaved in a while. Man! I must've looked like a bum to her. Oh, and I'm sorry I didn't ask for her email address then tell her I'd email her a copy of the photo (not that I'd want her to have a copy nor did I imagine that she'd want one). She was pretty nice about the whole thing after all... and who knows? Right?

Nah! Guess not. Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clipart

1 Morayta is University Belt in Manila.
2 I know that's not exactly a flattering photo of her, so here's another one.

Sorry, this is all I could find online, just go watch the show so you can see her better. Oh, and you can read more about her here.


Lizz said...

That last pic is proof that if you douse any piece of clothing with water, it'll look hot!

ALiNe said...

Haha! Ang cool... kulit!

philos said...

@Lizz: Err... I've evidence that that's not true, course it'll never see the light of day! :p

@Aline: Haha... Yeah well :p

joyfulchicken said...

Why didn't you at least try to get her email address or phone number? You fail :-P

Anonymous said...

yeah, she looks a bit like Jeon Ji Hyun in the second picture

philos said...

@JC: Yes I fail :p

@kat: Hehe... From a certain angle I guess.

Anonymous said...

@ Philos: Well, at least you could ask her contact info the next time you visit her in FEU. ;-)

Katherine said...

Don't watch Survivor. First reaction--who's she? :P

Anonymous said...

Mahahaha, same as the comment before me: don't watch Survivor, first thought was "Veronica who?"