Saturday, November 1, 2008

Potpourri (including my photohunt entry last week)

Yes, I understand I've been gone quite a while, I've been rather busy. It's not even over yet, so kindly pardon me if I make a lazy short entry for now. I intend to make up for it in the coming weeks.
  • Now one of the reasons I was busy last week was because my brother got married last Sunday.

Yep, took that myself! Oh yeah, that's my new sis, Minnette. (More photos here.)
  • Also our friend Roger who's been in Melbourne for the past 8 years came to town to attend the wedding. We had a couple of dinners with friends chatting about old times--fun times! (Here are some photos.)

Got Roger to demonstrate his Aussie accent for us.
  • Oh, I remember asking for suggestions regarding my brother's bachelor bash. We did manage something at the last minute (i.e. last Friday evening). We had a cheap steak meal first at Slice and Dice which JC says you're better off cooking one on your own--cheaper and yummier. The sisig was alright though, crunchy and really not bad for it's price (P70+ if I'm not mistaken. We then went to Remote World1 where we played Wii, sang a couple of songs and ended up battling each other for Counter-Strike supremacy. I was teamed with JC and another friend against my brother and one of his friend. We let the groom-to-be win of course, it is his party after all.
  • Speaking of Wii, how would you like to win a Wii party package for 5 at Red Box? Now I'm talking top-of-the-line comfort, eat-all-you-can buffet for you and your friends free! If you answered yes, go ahead and head on over to Chicken Mafia for the details. You might want to hurry though, contest ends on November 15. (Here's my entry for the last time we went there.)
  • Oh, and if you love that, you might enjoy winning a bag too! Just head on over to Chicken Mafia "Bag a new bag from Bratpack" contest, share a funny story of yours that involves you and a bag, and you might be on your way to win a cool bag! You ought to hurry though, contest ends on November 14.
  • I realize that I wasn't able to post an entry to photohunt last Saturday because I was rather busy. The theme then was scary, here's my entry (though being 1 week late, I suppose this doesn't count anymore).
I don't know about you, but those electric lines sure look like a disaster waiting to happen to me.
  • Oh, and the NBA season is upon us! And do you know what that means? Fantasy basketball! Ok, so I finished 2nd to the last in my league last year, but that was my rookie year. I didn't do too bad considering I got invited to a more competitive league this year. This season I'm playing in 4 leagues: one using a PFC style selection where I managed to snag both 3rd round picks (out of a possible 14) and Stephen Jackson of the Golden State Warriors(not bad considering the guy who got the 1st pick had to choose Josh Boone in order to pick that high); the other 2 at ESPN, the Mafia League (the league I was in last year), and the more competitive Teo Invitational. And the last is a public league in UFC that I accidentally joined. I hope I do better this year, I bet I would win at least one, most likely the public league seeing as no one really takes UFC seriously anymore. Why? Because they suck! It's a shame that own game sucks big time.

1 Hmm... About the place, it's not classy or anything. The Wii sets were fine, the TV's were big enough, but there were no air-conditioning to speak off (something you know you'd need if you've ever played Wii before--though they do have a shower room), no soundproofing so you hear the drunk next door wailing My Way, and the rooms were more like partitions. Still the place wasn't bad for it's price. We spent maybe 3 hours there drinking and playing and all it costed us was P500 something bucks--total! I guess it's an OK place to go if you want to just hang out with the guys. Oh, and they are open 24 hours a day.


joyfulchicken said...

Remote World is totally ghetto. "5 private playing rooms"? Um, no. You can't call it a room if it doesn't have walls.

Katherine said...

No video available. :(

I have a friend also who's in Australia studying. He speaks with the Aussie accent. And we like making fun of that. :P

Nice picture! Of your brother and his wife. My cousin had a pictorial there too for their wedding. Must be a really popular place to have wedding photo shoots.

philos said...

@JC: Yep, I'd call them partitions instead hehe

@KM: Yeah, I imagine having a view of the Manila Bay--arguably the best sunset this side of the world--would be an asset indeed. :)

CCCHNG said...

Hahahah! That's Dodge? Haha :P
I had to watch twice to understand what he's saying.

Now I totally have an image of the person typing all the confusing comments