Saturday, July 11, 2009

A potpourri of stuff

Just a few things I've been meaning to write about but kept putting off.
  • Ace Hardware now uses Biodegradable plastic! Wow right? What's a biodegradable plastic exactly? I've no idea except that its supposed to be good for the environment (Check out this wiki for more info).
I hope more establishments use biodegradable plastics because really, plastic is more durable. And I hate having to bring a canvass bag everywhere I go.

  • Del Monte has released 2 new flavors of its Fit 'n Right juice drink, blueberry-grape and grapefruit. Both are actually good (and contrary to my expectations, the grapefruit flavor's taste wasn't offensive at all--not like the fruit hehe), not too sweet, and perfectly refreshing. And what's more, its actually 30calories lower than its predecessors. So if you drink 3 bottles a day, you save 90 calories, which is the equivalent of 1 cup of rice (or half-cup here in the Philippines--what can I say? we love rice!) or 1 slice of white bread.
Not that I believe that L-Carnitine actually helps you lose weight, at least that claim is not backed by any randomized control trial as of yet. It has a host of other benefits though, so why not? (Here for more info).

  • Can anyone tell me what this is? Is it a butterfly? A moth? I wanted to capture it, but im not sure its safe to touch it.
Saw this on the corner of one of our windows. Its dimension is about 4x4.

  • I see this eatery a lot and always thought about giving them a try and maybe get a taste of their super pares. After all, they claim to be the home of the original right? That and they sure have a curious name. I'm a sucker for these things I guess. You wouldn't believe what they answered when I ordered their pares. "We don't have it." "You mean it's all sold out?" "I mean we don't sell them anymore."
The old home of the super pares... it has moved on to bigger and better things.
  • And finally, if you're into trading in the local stock market, my good friend Lester has started his own blog chronicling his daily transactions and the thought he put into whatever decisions he made. He also entertains questions if you're a beginner. Check him out at
  • And oh yeah! Happy anniversary to certain friends of mine who shall remain nameless until I find out if its ok to actually say their names. Good times!


joyfulchicken said...

It's a diarrhea-covered butterfly?

Lizz said...

Hahaha, you'd think they'd at least change the sign to take out the Pares bit. XD

philos said...

@JC: Really? Didn't realize diarrhea looks like that.

@Lizz: Yeah... irritatingly funny though.

Katherine said...

Maybe that butterfly is one of those weird, unexplained animals in the world. :-P

Have you read The Unexplained published by Reader's Digest?

Lester said...

@philos: Thanks for the plug! :D

Anonymous said...

i think SM bags are biodegradable na din. i'm not sure kung ano yung insect na yun pero sabi pag nakafold wings pag dumapo eh butterfly, yun ba?

philos said...

@KM: Now you make me feel bad for not being brave enough to capture it hehe... What's The Unexplained about? Sounds like a fascinating read... at least from the title. :)

@Lester: No problem, not if only someone would actually click it and visit hehe

@PM: Hmmm... interesting, so that makes this either a wasp or an alien breed of butterfly right?

Oh, good for SM. I think they own Ace right? So that makes sense. What doesn't make sense is them selling Canvas bags... although I suppose the motto is still to reduce.