Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Transformer 2: 2 out of 5 stars

Hey have you seen Transformer 2? Oh come on don't roll your eyes, I won't think you're a loser if you haven't. No? Ok, that's up to you. See that kind of thinking was what actually got me to see this awful film. It sucked so much it got a 19% rating in the Tomatometer. To put that score into perspective, that's even lower than what Alien VS Predator's 22 and Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl's 20. Think about that for a minute.

Yeah yeah, so a lot of people love it. I know, I'm a guy, I'm supposed to love movies where I get to see Megan Fox half naked and gigantic cars that turns into humongous robots. Still, I'd love to watch a movie where some of the stuff that goes on actually make sense and where everytime I'm awed by a honda jazz turning into a robot, I don't go "What the heck is he saying?!". But thanks to part 1, I actually enjoyed this film. See my mistake in the first one was that I went in expecting some intricate plotline and engaging twists without realizing that's beyond Michael Bay's line of expertise. In this one, I came in fully expecting nothing intelligent and crass humor to go along with it, and my expectations were more than met.

Am I contradicting myself here? Nope. It's still an awful film, enjoyable sure, but definitely not something I'd go watch again. The visuals were certainly stunning, Megan was a sight to behold, and the robots were still robots. I only wish I didn't actually go and saw this film during its opening weekend. Gateway's theater area was packed! I had to line up for an hour before I can actually get a ticket whose screening time is 2 hours away because all the other screening times were sold out. This considering all their 10 cinemas were showing this same film.

I suppose my only consolation is that even celebrities needed to line up to watch this film. Yep, that's Kenneth Duremdes (boxed face) right there lining up to watch Transformer 2.
Stalker mode!

Yet, as bad as these 2 were, I'm pretty excited about the third one. I'm itching to watch it, but only if it gets shown on 2011.


joyfulchicken said...

I feel sorry for whoever had to sit behind the professional basketball player.

Lester said...

Did you wear that "Stalker" shirt again that night? :P

philos said...

@JC: Which were a lot, we were lucky enough to sit at the 3rd row from the front, and we were dozens of people ahead of them.

@Lester: You were with me, why ask the silly question?