Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sorry for the delay, but I'm back now!

Ok, so I realize I haven't put up an entry in weeks. The first couple of weeks, we were just busy straightening up the house due to Ondoy, but I've to be honest, the last couple of weeks, I was stuck watching TV. I've been catching up on series left and right. I couldn't exactly watch TV and be in front of the PC at the same time right? It sure would be cool if I could. At least that's what I said before I discovered PLDT My DSL's Watch Pad! Now I can watch TV while I blog!

You can watch CNN, the History Channel, and even the Cartoon Network while you chat (or rather while I chat and appear cool and all-knowing). Or you can see Brilliante Mendoza's award winning works like Serbis and Kinatay whenever you feel like it without having to leave your PC! I say yay!

And using the Watchpad player, you can stay connected to your favorite sites like Friendster and Facebook! Heck you can even Twit! And you can check out your favorite celebrities from Watchpad's exclusive channels like a sneek peak at Rhian Ramos' home life in "My Life".

Ok, so I wasn't exactly a fan before this, but she sure rocked!

And the best part of all this is, it's free! All free! So sign up now!


ceemee said...

Welcome back! It's cool to surf and watch TV shows on your PC at the same time, who needs the TV set these days?

philos said...

@Cym: Thanks! Truth be told, I still prefer the TV, but Watchpad sure is cool enough to change my mind.

darkjedi said...

the quality would depend on the speed of your broadband connection.
in my case, this tends to be quite poor.
also, viewing through a small screen isn't wonderful for me.

Something I like to do is to connect a TV set to my pc and watch downloaded movies/series through a big tv screen.
I also connect my home theater sound system to it and setup my cellphone as a bluetooth remote control for my pc.
This makes my PC the centerpiece of my home entertainment system.

if one wants to watch tv on his pc, i'd still recommend him buying a tv tuner card.

Momisodes said...

Great to see you back. It is so addicting watching TV and being on a computer!