Thursday, April 9, 2009

How are you celebrating Lent?

I had to go to work today and the place sure looked like a ghost town. Maybe a third of the people were missing and half of the people who actually did go to work were just floating around dazed--like ghosts--seemingly unsure why they went to work in the first place. And everywhere I went I almost always found someone who'd ask me if I thought we'd get the afternoon off. I sympathized with them yet it irritated me to no end because I took the morning off! The question was moot! And yet up to the very last hour, like a prisoner about to be hanged, they kept hoping for that call from Malacanang. I kept telling them not to expect the call, that Malacanang probably took the afternoon off already and no one's left to make the phone call even if by some twist of fate, GMA decides even a twelfth of day off might figure well in her so-called holiday economics.

It does feel disconcerting being at work when a lot of people aren't. I made the most of it by sleeping in late, which is the only purpose of a holiday for me since I really don't have anything better to do anyway. I compressed most of my work for the afternoon. It was good work, much was accomplished, and I didn't even have to wake up early or rush to work. Yet I still ended the day feeling sluggish and a wee bit annoyed.

I can't say why exactly, but I imagine its because I've nothing planned for such a prime holiday as this one. 4 straight days, heck it could easily have been 9 if I took a couple of days leave and I've neither the cash nor the circumstance to be in something remotely interesting or fun! I wonder how many of those "who chose to stay in Manila for the holidays" actually chose to stay? Are you really trying to avoid those vacationers or nobody invited you to go with them? Are you really choosing to reflect on this most holy of weeks or just found yourself stuck and nowhere to go? Really, I'd like to know.

I guess I'm entering this holy week with the wrong perspective. Hopefully, I'll be able to put myself in a more reflective mood and prayerful attitude by tomorrow. No, I'm not bashing those who went on a vacation. Make no mistake about it, it is my belief that this is a time for joyous celebration. Easter maybe the culmination of the celebration, but Jesus rose again some 2000 years ago, and He remains risen. It's all good to remember His suffering, but lets put the emphasis back to His resurrection. I just think that it wouldn't hurt if I celebrated alone once in a while.


Lizz said...

I'm personally staying in. Since I'm not Christian, I don't really have anywhere to go. As for vacationing-- I wouldn't mind doing that but I really think I need some R&R that doesn't involve copious amounts of traveling. Hehe.

philos said...

@Lizz: Yeah, I suppose it's a good time to rest. In fact, I slept the whole day today. The only problem is it's too hot. Which is why a lot of people go on vacation I suppose.

Just wish it's not so boring here in Manila.

ceemee said...

My family and I are staying home this Lent, nowhere to go and no moolah for that. It's all good because we get to spend time with each other.

philos said...

@Ceemee: I imagine as long as you're spending time with people you want to be with in the first place, any place is a good place. :)

Anonymous said...

I also went to work last Thursday and Ayala was so peaceful and quiet. I have to work on Philippine holidays except good Friday and Christmas, so I'm pretty much used to it.

Now it's Easter Sunday, and I just spent the last three days at home doing nothing. A little bit boring, but thankfully restful. Happy Easter!

philos said...

@katcarneo: A little peace and quiet now and then is really quite refreshing eh? Now if only we can do something about the sweltering heat. Happy easter to you too! :)