Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Update: Sad state of local TV (or Totoy Bato screws John Q over)

I'm updating this to show cleaner clips instead of my sorry excuse for screen captures. I kept it down there though if you prefer torture. Anyway, here's a John Q clip that shows the scene where he decides to commit suicide, and the scene where he says goodbye to his son.

Yep, Denzel was great!

Now for the rip offers:

Urgghhh right? Well there's more, here's part 2 where he says goodbye to his daughter (the complete clip of the screen capture I posted last night lest you think I merely nitpicked).

To whoever is responsible for this crap: Di namin kayo tatantanan! (Ok, so I couldn't resist ripping off Mike.)

N.B. Special thanks to Giehar who gave me these links to the said Totoy Bato clips.


giehar said...

john q is not the only movie totoy bato ripped off, apparently... i am told by a friend in the us who gets to watch it on internet tv that in early episodes, totoy bato was working in the pier and he was earning a little money by fighting. CINDERELLA MAN, anyone? expect totoy bato to rip off more movies where the poor man is the hero...

giehar said...

this is a famous showdown scene from a favorite 80's movie of mine... it's called STREETS OF FIRE, starring actors when they weren't so famous yet... michael pare, diane lane, amy madigan, bill paxton, willem dafoe, rick moranis... for me this is an 80's classic. watch it... the lead is a tough ex-army guy whose old girlfriend became a famous singer and was kidnapped by a cycle gang when she returned to their hometown to perform a concert. if you watch the movie, it could very well be ripped off by a local network either as a sub story in a local drama, a movie, whatever... most likely robin padilla will play the lead and regine will be the girl since it's a badass guy and a singer girlfriend. LOL


J.D. Lim said...

Off topic: Thanks a lot for dropping and leaving ur comment. :) Hindi ko pa po talaga ilo-launch ung blog ko, sa may pa, hahaha.. Anyway, I have learned a new word for the day: introspecton. :D I'll be adding your site to my links.

I really like your last two posts, a very detailed and critical analysis of the very sad state of our local TV. Sana nga talaga eh ayusin na nila.