Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thoughts about the 2009 NBA playoffs

My my, the Celtics vs Bulls matchup is turning into an exciting series indeed! And who would've thought that Rajon Rondo would actually average a triple double in the playoffs? I certainly didn't! Do I had hopes about it. I realize early on that with KG out, somebody's got to step his game up, and I certainly don't expect Marbury or Miki Moore to do it. Gordon's been streaky hot! That and with Rose's one-for-the-books performance in his first playoff appearance, makes this an epic battle indeed! I wonder if he'd get anything higher than that $59M/6yrs contract offered to him before the season started. I bet Paxson is kicking himself now for signing the oft-injured Luol Deng for $71M, and now having to re-negotiate a better deal for Gordon.

Anyhow, I'm glad the Cavs vs Pistons and Lakers vs Jazz series are over. Detroit sure deserved getting swept the way they played this year. All year long they kept blaming Iverson for this team's descent, but bitching about it sure didn't help. How many games did Rasheed just mailed in this year huh? Tayshaun was pretty disappointing too. And apparently, Stuckey is not the second-coming of Billups. Heck, the only bright spot in their roster this year is the aging McDyess and he'll be gone soon, and Will Bynum who might turn out to be just another Stuckey. Great talent, but not quite ready for the responsibility yet. The Jazz were just too outclassed and too banged-up to even compete with the defending Western Conference champs at this point.

I hope the Nuggets vs Hornets series mercifully ends soon. I don't think New Orleans can take much more of this beating. And while I think the San Antonio Spurs can still mount a comeback, I think they're better of resting now. Jason Kidd and the Mavs sure are playing an inspired ballgame. With the resurgence of Josh Howard, I wouldn't mind seeing them topple the Lakers. Not that I believe it will happen. I'm just glad the Devin Harris for Jason Kidd deal didn't stink as much as it seemed to when it happened.

Will Houston beat Portland to finally advance to Round 2? I think so. Inasmuch as I'd love to see the Blazers take on the Lakers at the Western Conference Finals, I don't think they're ready. And Houston might just be finally ready to take on the next step. Which is quite ironic since it perpetuates the McGrady jinx of 1st round exits. I don't know about jinx, but with McGrady out there, they seem to miss that distinct defensive intensity that they're showing now, something they need if they want to actually succeed in the playoffs.

And to round up the matchups, I think the Magic vs 76ers and Hawks vs Heat series is still a toss up at this point. I'm still betting on the Magic and the Hawks to take their respective series, but then again, I almost always lose these kind of bets.

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