Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Pacman vs the Hitman: What a fight! What a fight!

Nothing like the epic match up that is the Bulls vs Celtics that ended in an almost anti-climatic 109-99 victory by the Celts in Game 7, the Pacquiao vs Hatton match up, though full of punch right from the start, was punctuated with early knockouts that ended it prematurely.


Lizz said...

Haha, I heard about this all over plurk. I don't really follow Pacquiao's fights, but even I have to admit that that was pretty impressive!

Katherine said...

*Boring* Hahaha...joke! Seriously, I can't see the excitement in boxing but with everyone going crazy over the match, I can feel a tinge of adrenaline rush. :-P

Pacquaio's a legend! He's not human.

Why did they call Ricky a Hitman? It's like something bad.

philos said...

@Lizz: The fight certainly was, the coverage? Not so much.

philos said...

@KM: Haha... because he likes to hit people? :p I don't like boxing myself, but I can't help but get swept in the craze myself. And if you've never seen Pacquiao fight, he sure is good.

I hope he pummels Mayweather next, I don't like that guy.

Katherine said...

Who's Mayweather? Haha. Joking!

There's a Sr. and a Jr. right?