Monday, July 14, 2008

Hong Kong Chef Seafood Restaurant

After hearing a lot of good reviews (mostly from my grandaunt who works there), we went to eat lunch at Hong Kong Chef a couple of weekends ago.


It was a pretty straight up affair since we're pretty much born and raised eating Chinese food. We didn't order any dimsum since we wanted lunch and we wanted to keep it cheap.


Permit me to start by saying I love their free appetizer. I think it's some sort of honey glazed peanuts with sesame seeds. They prepare it themselves.


One of my favorites, Hot Prawn Salad for only P360. There must've been a dozen good sized shrimps in there.


This one's called Steam Beancurd with Fresh Shrimp - P250. Good if you love shrimps because it has lots. I specially enjoyed this because I hate having to remove shrimp shells.


Fried Bacon Roll which came highly recommended wasn't really expensive at P250. It's pretty good if you enjoy fried foods but I personally don't.


Their version of the Salt and Spicy Spareribs. Not bad at P225, but I didn't enjoy it much since it's fried.

All in all we spent P1365 (including 8 orders of plain rice at P35 each) good for 5. Not exactly cheap, but not too expensive either. The meal was satisfying and I will definitely go back--I intend to try their much vaunted dimsum though.

You can find Hong Kong Chef Seafood Restaurant at HK Sun Plaza right along Macapagal Avenue across Dampa.


Momisodes said...

WOW!That ALL looks amazing. I love shrimp, and I'm drooling all over my keyboard now :)

kaycee said...

OMG, everything looks so yummy! Thanks a lot for sharing these. Another restaurant on my list to visit in December. =D

ALiNe said...

Now I'm craving for Chinese food... and I'm blaming you ... :D

Anonymous said...

what is a grandaunt?

philos said...

@sandy: Hehe... thanks! :)

@kaycee: I will share more if you keep coming back hehe

@aline: Haha... Look who's talking now :p

@prinsesamusang: Sister of my grandma ;)

Anonymous said...

You could get paid for adver-blogging.