Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008

This is my entry for the The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008.

1. Manila Foodistas - What can I say? I love food and have now come to love photography. Love their food and the photos of their food hehe

2. Food Blog for Hungry Bachelors - I'm hungry all the time, I'm a bachelor... How can I resist? Truth be told, they got me at food!

3. Tipid Meals - Now this here is a useful blog. No pretensions, just the goodies that comes affordable. Updates regularly too!

4. Rarely Ordered - Food! food! food! I'm not one to shy away from the adventure of eating the rarely ordered food.

5. Fail Blog - Really funny photos! Just go check!

6. Visit Sagada - I've always wanted to go to Sagada. We actually planned to go a few years ago but it was difficult getting information on the how-to's, I scoured forums after forums just to get the information I need. Thanks to them, there's no need for that anymore!

7. You Got Tech - Ever met a guy who's not a techie? Meet me. Thanks to You Got Tech, I can now pretend to know stuff hehe

8. Kaycee's Bubble - A Filipina's photo chronicle of her travels in the UK and beyond.

9. Memoirs of a Med Student - Armed with her smile and her positive outlook in life, she chronicles her life as a Med student and more. She definitely has some loyal following in such short a time!

10. A visit to King Hearthur's Court - I know I know, this is just shameless, but I'd like to think I've influenced at least a couple of people out there through this blog to eat as much as I hehe

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Anonymous said...

Hmm... 4 out of 10 are food blogs. Remove your own blog from the list, that makes it 4 out of 9. No wonder. :P

joyfulchicken said...

This blog seems to be turning into a food blog too :-P

Anonymous said...

i agree with joyfulchicken. you've been expressing your love for foodies here so much. but of course there's nothing wrong with that. well, maybe aside from the fact that you make me hungry.

Anonymous said...

Well, you might as well indulge Josh. Why don't you join us? =P

And thanks for the nomination!

ALiNe said...


philos said...

@Lester: Include mine and you get 5 :p

@JC: :p

@PM: When you're hungry, love will keep you alive... :p

@arbet: Much deserved :)

@aline: I'd nominate yours except your blog's been around for quite a while... you've already emerged hehe

Anonymous said...

Oh! I am loving Rarely Ordered!

philos said...

@Helga: I'm glad you approve :)

Janette Toral said...

Hi Philos. This is to mark your entry as complete. Please don't forget to confirm your attendance to the August 11 eyeball. Thank you!

Admin said...

Hello... I hope to see you on Monday... Hehe! Bloggers EB

philos said... Thanks! I'll be there. Confirmed on the site already hehe

@Richard the Adventurer: I'll be there. :)