Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My thoughts on the Reproductive Health Bill brouhaha

I just have a few things to say about this topic, and I'll try to use the sandwich approach (positive-negative-positive) so nobody gets hurt.

1. To those who support the bill:
P - Good for you, you realize the need for population control. Our country has now more people consuming our resources than producing it. I agree, we need to do something.

N - What I don't get though is why you would want to stage protests against people who resist this bill. The reason that "they're promoting AIDS and homeless children" because they don't support the bill and abortion is stupid. People know about AIDS, if they choose to risk it and they get burned, tough luck. Legislation should be about moving us forward, and protecting the rights of the people--not protecting us from ourselves. If you want to have wild unprotected sex, make sure you're up for the challenge. No law can protect you from yourself.

P - Continue the good job (or bad job since you don't seem to be getting it done) educating the people to plan their family.

2. To those who oppose the bill:
P - Good for you, you have an opinion. I agree, abortion is wrong.

N - I've got news for you, this bill isn't about abortion. I know you disagree on the use of artificial contraceptive because it supposedly "hinder" God's plan. I've got another news for you, nothing hinders God's plan. Not an IUD, not a condom, and certainly not this bill. And just because the country has a policy on educating everyone on proper family planning methods does not mean you need to do them--nobody's forcing you to do them. If it's immoral, no law will make it moral.

P - Thank you for not causing traffic with your rallies (I'm just going for the reverse psychology here).


joyfulchicken said...

Nice job blasting both sides without making a stand yourself :-P

Anyway, you said, "People know about AIDS, if they choose to risk it and they get burned, tough luck."

As a libertarian, I should theoretically agree with that. But unfortunately, we don't live in a libertarian utopia. The reality is that a good part of our taxes goes to socialized health care, and each person who does stupid things to his own body increases the tax burden on everyone else. So, given the circumstances, laws to protect idiots from themselves may not be a totally bad idea.

You may confiscate my libertarian badge now :-P

Anonymous said...

alam mo tama ka. kaso ano nga ang stand mo gusto mo ba o ayaw mo ba ang law na to? ako gusto ko eh, ang labo naman kasi kung sino pa ang mahirap siya pa ang isang dosena ang anak.

philos said...

@JC: As a health care worker, I should agree with that, but I'm sick and tired of people knowing and not doing. Short of finding a vaccine for AIDS, and giving everybody a shot, people will continue to "live dangerously" and die easily. I suggest we take away socialize health care for people who "did it to themselves".

@prinsesamusang: I thought my stand was pretty clear--I don't care a whit whether the bill gets passed or not. If it gets passed, they will not fund it properly to make it work. People who won't use condom and what-have-yous will still choose not to wear 'em, and people who already do will continue to do so. If it doesn't get passed, people who use them, will continue to do so, and those who don't won't care.

Regardless of how the Catholic church continue to do what it does, it doesn't matter. They just make themselves look stupid acting like kids--"Di na tayo bati."