Thursday, September 3, 2009

Going gaga over the baby

Can't be helped! I'm sure we'd be just as crazy about him even if he didn't looked so cute. And regarding my question yesterday whether he looks like me, I'm still not sure, I'm bad with faces. 2 people did mention that he looks like me though, my gramps and one who's a complete stranger. I suppose it's possible since his dad is my brother, but I still don't see it. It's probably just the cheeks.

Anyhow, here are a few more photos of him.

Looks peaceful huh? At least now I know where the expression "sleep like a baby" came from.

UPDATE (9/4): They named him Ethan Gabriel. Well, he does look angelic hehe


Lester said...

Looks like your sis-in-law to me though...

Visual Velocity said...

"UPDATE (9/4): They named him Ethan Gabriel. Well, he does look angelic hehe"

-> I envy people with cool names. My parents have bad taste when it comes to names. They christened me "Andres Ricardo." Of all the names in the world, they have to call me that. My god.

philos said...

@Lester: And to me.

@Andy: Well, it's really not bad, you just happened to live in a country where it's not as in anymore... consider moving to Mexico and you might just find yourself in a telenovela ;)