Saturday, September 5, 2009

JIV Manila Presents: The Venusian Principle

Last night, I attended the launching of JIV Manila's The Venusian Principle, it's an art exhibit. Now I'm not exactly an artist or even an art critic so I can't say I really know art. I just attended to check out some of Lizz's work (and because I'm a good friend like that) and I was afraid I'd drown myself trying to understand the "art world". I was pleasantly surprised that it was not a snotty affair at all! It was light and relaxed. The art works were fun yet evocative. It wasn't what I expected at all! Oh there were artist-speak of course, paintings I couldn't begin to comprehend, and wine.

My Little Art Place... quite cozy and relaxing right?

Rather provocative pieces don't you think?

This one's rather cool... chalk sculpture!

And we have here JC and Lizz, the artist, standing besides my favorite painting of the night...
"All that glitters"

Unfortunately, my camera really can't do these artworks justice. You just have to go and check them out for yourself. You have a month minus a day left. Here are the details:

My Little Art Place is really quite easy to find. If you're coming from Ortigas Avenue, it's on the left about 20 meters after Kink Cakes. If you're coming from P. Guevarra St., it's on the right, about 30 meters after Gold's Gym. If you see either landmarks, just park your car and walk, it's really much easier to spot it that way.


Lizz said...

Thanks so much for making it to the exhibit, hehe! :D I was actually scared that the rains would drive most people off.

philos said...

@Lizz: Thanks for having me! Had a great time... well, not the going there part and not the leaving right away part, but right in the middle, the being there part was great! :)

joyfulchicken said...

I just realized that I wore the same shirt to Lizz's last exhibit opening.