Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Princesa Musang just gave me this award. How did I win it? Probably no bigger reason than because she won it and needed to pass it on. No criteria was set, but she was kind enough to add some flattering words to it.

To philos, for never failing to make me salivate with his stories about food and restaurants, and for being one of those few people who always left me comments when I was just starting to make my way in this blog. And also for that brilliant interpretation of the photo hunt clouds when you used steam clouds! I think that’s really cool.

Further research confirmed that this is in fact a hoax and no such award ever existed. It is because of this that I've decided not to forward it (because I'm lazy like that). Still, I posted it here to show PM that this gesture is much appreciated.

There are however real awards in the blogosphere. And one such, the most prestigious in the country in fact is upon us--The 2008 Philippine Blog Awards!

In an ironic and landmark fashion, 36 years after after the declaration of Martial Law to the day, we will celebrate our ever growing love for freedom by giving away 36 prizes that recognize and champion the fruits of free speech!

That's right! With 36 prizes up for grabs--it's both bigger and better than ever! 15 categories will be recognized each for the Best Blog and Best Single Blog Post division, and 6 Special Awards will be given away! Unfortunately nominations are closed now. The good news however is you still haven't missed the show!

For those who missed their history lessons, the date is September 21 (Sunday). Registration starts 5pm at One Esplanade (Coral B room) with the program commencing at sunset and you don't want to miss the sunset view. See ya all!


Momisodes said...

Congratulations on the award :) So well deserved. I'll have to check out the links.

Katherine said...

And you have to research the award. :P

Anonymous said...

lol. at least you appreciate the words. oh, have you been to amici? i hope i'm right on the name. it's an italian place in makati. just saw it on TV. the food looked good and they say it's affordable.

Anonymous said...

hahaha just have a laugh at it! hahaha don't make it such a big deal! the words and appreciation are the ones that matters! hahaha

philos said...

@momisode: Haha... I don't see how I can deserve an award without criteria, but thanks! :p

@KM: Haha... Didn't you know that I'm a nerd of sorts? :p

@PM: Yep, been there. If I'm not mistaken, JC's gelato photo was from Amici. They also have a newer branch at T Morato. Pretty good, I'm not so sure about affordable, they're not exactly cheap hehe

@NS: I agree and that is why I appreciate it. :)