Friday, August 22, 2008


There are a few congratulations I feel needs to be given before this day ends.

1. I'd like to congratulate my friends who took the Licensure Exam for Physicians this month. The results came out today and they passed with flying colors (whatever that expression means).
Allan Louie E. Cruz, MD (5th place) and Mark Henry Y.C. Joven, MD

Right before our Baccalaureate Mass as we neared the end of our PT days in UST.

Mary Nel B. Bolante, MD

post-internship make-up duty at UST CD (if I'm not mistaken)


Kenneth Brito, MD
Fatima Bucsit, MD
Haidee Lim, MD
Haidee Ongsun, MD
Michelle Sy, MD

God bless you as you take the next step in your medical profession.

2. Congratulation to PETA for "Noli at El Fili Dekada 2000 (Dos Mil)".
Needless to say, it was a memorable evening. The play was well acted and directed, the lines were witty and surprisingly contemporary, and Nic Tiongson's adaptation of Rizal's magnum opus was brilliantly written--you can see the same problems of corruption, greed and political power-struggles that hurt individuals as much as it does the nation.

Tonight's performance felt special for some reason. I'm not sure if it has something to do with today's holiday--Ninoy Aquino Day, but the audience that came were of a kind I've never been part of before. Perhaps it was the play that connected with the audience on many different levels. The laughter were genuine, the claps were heartfelt, and there was a sense of consensus, a general agreement on the message--I can almost imagine people saying to each other, "Yes, yes, all too true I'm afraid." All this in no small part due to the cast I'm sure. They were great, they were natural and thus they were able to connect with the audience. Now as exemplary as the cast were, the audience glittered as well with personalities like Randy David and ZTE Star Witness turned public hero Jun Lozada who came with their families.

If you haven't seen it, they only have 3 playdates left, tomorrow until Sunday if I'm not mistaken, so go, watch it. You won't regret the time and money you will spend to support such a worthy endeavor. (You may see some of the photos I took here.)

My friend She Maala who played Juli among other characters in the play. Thank you for inviting me to the show, it was a worthwhile experience indeed!

3. This actually happened yesterday but just the same I'd like to congratulate
  • Odessa Andal - Select Distinguised Area Governor for Area 12
  • Maharlika Toastmasters Club for winning Division B club of the year (actually 1st runner up to El Presidente for District honors)
  • UEC Toastmasters (my club actually) for being Area 12 Club of the year (with thanks to Maharlika for getting the bigger prize freeing this one for us hehe)
Special thanks to outgoing District Governor Gina Mapua for the hearty dinner and equally heart warming evening. (You can read about this event and see beautiful photos here.)


Anonymous said...

wow! that's cool! i hope i would pass mine in the future!!! whoohooo!!! :-)

Miss Elle said...

wow. congrats to your friends philos. :)

philos said...

@piapot: I have no doubts that you will :)

@miss elle: I'd like to say thanks, but its they who passed after all hehe :p

Anonymous said...

so many doctor friends!

philos said...

@PM: Just goes to show how old I am :p