Sunday, August 24, 2008

Buy 1 Take 1 at Yoshinoya Binondo

We were looking for a place to eat dinner this evening and out of habit, we dove in to the heart of Chinatown yet again. While going around Binondo, we chanced upon a banner of Yoshinoya Binondo announcing its Buy 1 Take 1 promo. Need I say more? (Don't worry, I intend to hehe)

No, you're not having double vision... it's buy one take one!

If you're a fan of Yoshinoya, of excellent offers or both, you'd definitely like this, as did we. The promo was pretty straightforward. You get to choose from either Beef Gyudon bowl, Beef Yakiniku bowl or Jumbo Plate B (which is a combination of Beef Gyudon and Yakitori) and you get another one for free. This promo is valid both for take-out and dine-in anytime between 6pm to 9pm. They deliver too (3574663), but it's not covered by the promo.

This flyer actually says it all.

My sister and mom each had a bowl of Beef Gyudon. Beef gyudon is beef and onion simmered in a mildly sweet sauce. A regular sized bowl is P72, while the large bowl goes for P119.

They chose the large bowl to take full advantage of the buy 1 take 1 promo (especially since I was paying hehe)

My brother and I went for the gold of course, Jumbo Platter B. Yakiniku literally means grilled meat in Japanese.

Quite satisfying at 2 for P155 but quite expensive without

I've always enjoyed Yoshinoya's fare. While the service leaves something to be desired (not exactly bad, but I won't say they're happy to serve either), the food is quite satisfying. I found the beef tender and juicy, and I thought the flavor was just right.

What takes the taste over the top is their secret spices "seven spices".

Their Binondo branch is quite new and actually looks rather nice. And this is the only place where they offer this promo.

Look, they're handicapped-friendly too!

Promo duration is up until September 9, so I suppose you've plenty of time to visit. Here's a blow up of the map.

It's easy enough to find, it's just adjacent to the Binondo Church


Miss Elle said...

sulit ah. makapunta nga dyan. hehe. :p

ceemee said...

wow, that's a great way of enticing customers. should visit it sometimes, if only my hubby likes japanese.

Anonymous said...

the place looks warm and cozy. is it quiet in there?

Anonymous said...

PM and my mom is leaving today to go there in Manila,.. I hope they would not try this resto without me!!! harhar :-D

philos said...

@elle: Hehe... let me know how it goes for you :)

@Cym: Haha... It's not Japanese Japanese anyway, nothing raw, heck yakiniku could easily be Korean or Brazilian hehe

@PM: Nah, I doubt you'll find a quite spot in Chinatown hehe... it is pretty cozy though

@Piapot: Hehe... Just tell them to take home 2 bowls for you :p

ALiNe said...

Wow thanks for sharing.. anlayo lang :D

philos said...

@aline: Hehe... Maybe you can go one of this weekends hehe :)

Anonymous said...

oh wow. ang saya naman nyan! kaso ang layo eh. hehe. thanks for sharing! :-)

philos said...

@dyosa: haha... taga saan ka ba? make a trip of it, you can look around Chinatown in the process :)