Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Lakbayan grade is C-!

While I'm not as well traveled as most people I've met in the blogosphere. I'd like to think of myself as an outdoorsman. I'm a scout and I've been camping since I was 8. In fact I was part of the Philippine contingent to the 1st ASEAN Jamboree last 1993 which was hosted by our country.

Last year alone, I was able to go to 2 church camps, UECP YWC Joint Camp in Pililia, Rizal, and the AZCOP Young Professional's Camp at Clark, Pampanga. On top of that, our family took 2 trips, to Davao June and then to Baguio October. And when Chin and Chloe came over, last November, we were able to bring them to Subic among other places.

This year has one of the most number of long weekends in no small part due to the law that moves holiday to the closest Monday. You would think that I will get to go out more this year, but it turns out no. Sure I went to Laguna a couple of times already, 3rd YWC Joint Camp at Butterfly Farm, and then to Pagsanjan with my friends, but that's about it.

These are the places in the Philippines where I've been to. Those areas with a darker shades of blue are those places that I've frequented (or have actually live at).

How about you? How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

My less than admirable Lakbayan grade: (special thanks to Tiohem for sharing this one).

(Created by Eugene Villar.

Right now I'm face with what is to be one of the longest non-Christmas break I've had with nowhere to go but home. This 4 day weekend consist of the usual Saturday and Sunday of course, and then tomorrow we celebrate Ninoy Aquino Day (which should actually be Aug 21, JC's Birthday by the way) and then on Tuesday, Quezon City Day, the city were my work is at. Still I welcome the break.

Maybe I'll just hop on over to other blogs and live vicariously through them hehe... Here's an update on the dating meme. I'm happy to announce that they rose up to the occasion. So why don't you hop on over to their sites and check out:
Enjoy the weekend everybody! :)


Katherine said...

Wow!!! You joined a jamboree before??? :D

I was a scout in HS too!

Anonymous said...

cool you join jamborees! i'd like to think i'm an outdoors kind of girl but that's just impossible i am a a whiny whiny cat! the last piapot and i went hiking she told i asked 'are we there yet' practically every 15 mins.

Anonymous said...

Heck, I'd probably fail with an F.

philos said...

@KM: Yep! It was fun except the first 2 nights where it rained the whole day... we had to sleep in the CR because the soil was mud... kinda like Champorado!

@PM: Hehe... What you need is a golf cart! :p

@Helga: Really? And here I thought a sassy girl like you would be well traveled

Miss Elle said...

i dont wanna know. LOL. bahay-eskwelahan lang kasi ako eh. :p i kinda wish na nag-join ako ng mga ganyan but my mom was always like "magkaka-dengue ka". Hehe.

Anonymous said...

wow! that's so cool!!!! i would love to join one too! too bad i don't know how to join? hahahah

anyway, PM's right on that, that one time we went for a hike, she just agreed to come so that my mom would allow me to go! hahaha so the 'are we there yet' is much appreciated on my part! hahaha :-) and nice advice on the gold cart! hahaha but i think it's just hard to use when it gets muddy.. hahaha

Anonymous said...

hahaha golf cart nga pala yun... namali ng pindot, pero kung iisipin mas mahirap kung 'gold' cart baka makidnap kami nun! hahaha

Anonymous said...

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Gledwood said...

Hi there... I don't know whether I've come across a blogger from the Philipines before... certainly not lately...

great site you got here

hey what does a physical therapist actually do..??

philos said...

@Miss Elle: Haha... never happened to me before. Anyway, now that you're a yummy nurse, you'll get to go anywhere you want hehe

@neuroticsister: the trick actually is to find the proper footwear and attire... the footwear will give your feet the pampering it needs while hiking, and the attire will make u feel cool (or warm) depending on where you're hiking :)

@PM: thanks! appreciate it :)

@Gledwood: Wow, thanks, glad you could drop by then. Hmm, that's a rather complicated question that deserves an entry of its own to answer, but the short of it is, we help people get back to their original pre-injury/pre-morbid function through exercises and other physical management. :)

Miss Elle said...

oh philos, i certainly hope so. i would love to travel. albeit i kinda wish i was able to join sa mga camping na ganyan. hehe :)

Anonymous said...

I'm C- too. :(

philos said...

@miss elle: Hmm... taga-saan ka ba?

@Les: You should've gotten a higher score, you've been assigned to a lot of different places around the country as an auditor right? You practically lived a month or so each time.