Friday, August 15, 2008

Lays: Best sold before it explode (it even rhymes!)

We went to Duty Free Philippines last Sunday, and my, the place is in an awful state of disrepair. This is the place that's supposed to greet our millions of vacationing OFW (and hopefully get a share of their dollars) each year?! Except for the expensive merchandise and cute merchandisers, you'd think that you were in some seedy supermarket that's about to close. Someone must've thought that "duty free" meant they didn't have to do their duty anymore.

Anyhow I just wanted that off my chest. And it wasn't a total waste of time--I did mention that there were cute ladies manning the merchandise right? And they're still pretty well stocked. In fact I chanced upon a bag of Lays that's on sale...

This bag at 50% off baby!

Aren't they pretty? They're hot and raunchy crunchy too!

At a conversion rate of $1 : P43.30 and at 50% off, that's just a little over P50, not bad at all! Now why the double tag? ( investigates)

The catch? It expires by the end of the month--which matters little to me since a bag as small as that won't usually take me more than half an hour to finish anyway. But wait! It doesn't say "Expires on" or even "Consume before"...

Best sold by? What does that even mean?

Imagine this scenario:
Merchandiser: "Boss, I don't get this, Best sold by? Is that it's expiration date?"
Boss: "Nope. They lace it with enough preservatives to keep it fresh for a hundred years. That's why they call it Lays by the way. Anyway it's not likely to expire--at least not in our lifetime. "
M: "So why are we selling them at 50% off?"
B: "Oh, that's because it explodes after that date. Best sold before it explode."

It does make a bit of sense in a rather twisted way though. Might explain why they don't even bother dressing the place up. Sure the %50 off and the cuties help, but what happens if they miss one?


NB: Yeah yeah... so that scenario isn't even funny. Do you have a better idea? (Who knows? They might even be lacing it with one of those Gun Powder Green Tea, hence all the green on the packaging.)


Katherine said...

Well, it's always that way. When the stuff will expire in a few weeks they just put it up on sale.

We always buy fresh milk so when we chanced upon a grocery selling them at super discounted prices, we immediately took the chance. Anyway, we consume milk rather quickly--way before it expires.

I think the double tag is a mistake.

philos said...

@KM: Perhaps it is, but perhaps there's a huge conspiracy out there trying to cheat us out of our hard earn cash!

Anonymous said...

i love love love Kettle Cooked Lays! nauubos pera ko dyan! LOL.

philos said...

@dyosa: Go to duty free! Buy buy buy! hehe :p

joyfulchicken said...

I did mention that there were cute ladies manning the merchandise right? And they're still pretty well stocked.

Well stocked? Is that a new euphemism for big boobs? :-P

Anonymous said...

explode talaga? was he joking?

btw, di ko maintindihan ang hullabaloo about lays. i dont think it tastes well enough para maging ganon kamahal.

philos said...

@JC: Wow, you sure seem fixated on the word euphemism :p

@Stox: Err... I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I sorta invented that scene. It's pretty good, but you're right, not good enough to be that expensive though, so I only buy when it's on sale hehe