Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boston def. LA 108-102 to take a 2-0 series lead

Ok, so my final score prediction was way off, but seriously Leon Powe with 21 points in 14-something minutes? Who could've predicted that?! Not the Lakers that's for sure. I'm glad Powe the Show (as he was known back when he played at the AAU Ball) got more minutes for this game, and that he showed Doc that he deserves it. I like this guy because he's a hard worker. I read a True Hoop article quoting Powe as saying, "If I don't play hard, it's food that's not going on the table for my family." Too bad he's an undersized PF at 6'8.

I can't really provide much insight for this game since I wasn't able to watch it. Certain congratulations are in order though: Paul Pierce coming out strong and delivering. Leon Powe of course, the unknown that rock the Black Mamba's perfect Hollywood-style comeback (ok, what did I just say there huh?), Ray Allen shooting well, and my boy Rondo! Way to go leading the floor... 16 whooping assists! He sure is blossoming into the floor leader that the Suns wish they kept.

I'm glad Paul Pierce's knee is ok, and that he's shooting better than Ray Allen at this point. 4 out of 4 from the 3! And Ray Allen's not shooting bad too! I'm glad that KG got 17 points and 14 rebs, if only KG can go to the basket more instead of shooting those jumpers, he'd get a higher fg%. And I hope the Celts do a better defensive job the next game--giving up 41 points in the 4th quarter is not good defense. Theirs just looked good because Lakers defense was so bad, Phil Jackson had to make a bad pun, "Our defense was so at ease it was a disease." But a win is a win.

As for my Game 3, though I want the Celtics to win, I expect Kobe to give his team a good talking to. So as much as I would hate to do this, I predict a Lakers win, 120 to 102. Unless Lamar the Lame messes up again. Help me cheer for the Celtics as they try for three at the Staples Center, Tuesday, 8:30pm E.T. (8:30am, Philippine Time @ RPN 9)


joyfulchicken said...

Stupid Lakers. They owe me a burger.

philos said...

@JC: You better hope Kobe pays up then. I can almost taste this now! :p