Monday, June 16, 2008

Cardiac Rehabilitation Week 2008

June 16 to 20


"Cardiac Rehabilitation Week"

At least it is in the Philippines, I think they celebrate it around February in the US. The Cardiac Rehabilitation Section of the Philippine Heart Center (my work and my advocacy) have been celebrating it for the last 3 years (in cooperation with the Council of Cardiac Rehabilitation of the Philippine Heart Association).

This year, in light of the economic crisis we are in right now, we are highlighting the cost-effectiveness of joining a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. We see lots of patients after an open-heart surgery or other cardiac events who don't enroll in the program because of financial constraints when such a program isn't even 3% of the entire cost of the procedure. This despite proof that entering such a program would save them time and money by virtue of a faster recovery, and in the long run, minimized hospital re-admissions.1 Instead they turn to alternative medicines, most of which are mere quackery and are largely unproven.

Clearly education is necessary. The guidelines the council came up with last 2005 defined Cardiac Rehabilitation as...

...a comprehensive process by which patients with or at risk of cardiovascular disease, with the help of a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals are restore to and maintained at their optimal well being.

Council on Cardiac Rehabilitation, PHA (2005)

Thus it is our goal not only to reach people with heart disease but those who are at risk of having one as well. So let me take this opportunity to invite everyone to participate in our activities.

June 16 (Monday)
"Cardiac Rehabilitation through the years"
a photo exhibit

June 19 (Thursday)
Lay Forum and Health Fair
9am to 12nn

"Alternative Medicines:Are they effective?"
by Dr. Leandro Bongosia
Section Chief

"Stress Management for these difficult times"
by Dr. Edgardo Ebba
Training Officer

Free ECG, Cholesterol and Random Blood Sugar testing
interpretation by Consultant Cardiologists

June 20 (Friday)
Cooking Demo of healthy and cost-efficient recipes
1 to 2:30pm

Come and join us! It's free! And it could very well be your heart you save. See ya! (Feel free to contact me for queries.)

This is our logo as it should be.


And this is the photo-montage I prepared for the exhibit. Not bad huh? Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clipart



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