Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy birthday pappy!

Yep! It's my natural father's birthday last Sunday, (no hidden meaning). And I don't call him pappy in real life too, I just thought it would sound cool (which I guess it doesn't.)


So where did we eat? There's actually an interesting story to that. See when we went over to pick my dad (no we don't call him that either) up to go out, he insinuated wanting to invite the whole family (meaning his brother's family) which we don't mind except it seems he wants to go somewhere expensive. Now, I'm not being a cheapskate or anything, but I did think spending a fortune to show off in this bad economy is definitely not smart.

So off we went to find a flashy yet not too expensive place to eat. And guess where we ended up making reservations for?


At P580 per hear, it's not exactly cheap, but we have to accede to something right? It's our dear daddy's (nope still not this one) birthday anyway.


A table for Mr. A King please! (yeah yeah, I've fallen in love with taking pictures of everything.) And just a small sample of what I ate.


(S-wise from the top we have salmon sashimi, ebi and kani tempura, a couple of strange looking maki, gyoza, lechon de leche, pork humba, fried round thingy, and to round it off, as stick of pork bar-b-q, chicken yakitori and skewered liver)


Yes, I'm such an amateur photographer. But the dessert's good right?



And how can I forget the all-time Filipino favorite, the halo-halo bar?


All in all, we had fun, even though they decided to talk about business problems in the middle of the whole thing.


Not at all a very good photo since the food attendant who took it was overeager. But the family's there, and my gramps is smiling. The little one is my new nephew, my first and only nephew in fact. He just turned 6 mos. last Sunday.


Don't be scared little one. The world maybe big and terrifying sometimes, but it can be amazingly beautiful as well.

Happy birthday Papa! We don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, but one thing's for sure, we love you! :)


Myx said...

Happy Birthday to your dad!

How old is he? 46? How old are you?

Ok, am hungry now

joyfulchicken said...

Are you ever annoyed by the fact that your father looks younger than you do? :-P

Anonymous said...

Many people often guessed Philos' age as 35. :)

Anonymous said...

^My boyfriend is 35 haha.

Your dad and I have the same birthday!

philos said...

@mica: He's 46, and I'm 27, and guess what my mom's age is? hehe... she's turning 44 on December

@JC and Lester: =Þ

@Helga: I'm a full quintile away from 35, and yeah almost, but not quite. His birthday is actually June 1 hehe...

Belated happy birthday to you btw, just in case you got confused by my "Many Happy return of the day" crap.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your dad.. Your dad is young le..

So nice have such a celebration that can bring all family together for a dinner and chit chat..

Father's day is coming. I am going back to my hometown too to celebrate with my dad. Hehe..

.::. Vanny .:. said...

happy bday daddy! ^_^

the foods! omg. wish i can eat a lot like that. pity me.

the last pic wid the baby is soooo cute. love babies so much. :D

runawaycat said...

You look like your dad :P (Yea yea stupid thing to say)
I see Apple in the pic (I know, stupid thing to say too)
Say hi to her, your mom, and aunt k? Oh and your bro too. He's getting married right?

philos said...

@keeyit: thanks! where's your hometown?

@vanny: yep, and i feel this baby is somehow cuter than most hehe

@neko: yes he is, next October, and yes I will let them know you say hi as soon as I find a reasonable opportunity to do so