Saturday, June 14, 2008

Boston takes Game 4 for a commanding 3-1 series lead

Wow! I'm 4 out of 4 on my predictions on who's going to win! Ok, so I'm unable to guess the final score, or even get to within +/- 5 of it, but who cares? I'm winning a burger (c/o JC if you must know)! Was I ever the pessimist about Rondo's injury... who would've thought that House and Posey would combine for 6/12 from the three point territory? They combined for a 29 points almost tying the output of Lakers' backcourt and shooting close to 50% doing it.

Way to go Kobe, you sure can light it up anytime. Kudos to KG and Paul Pierce who finally took it closer to the hole this game, shooting 50% and 46% from the field respectively. And Allen has been the stable one all series, I guess now is time enough to be making up for his lousy performance against the Cavs and the Hawks.

I predict a Lakers win tomorrow, if only to give the Celtics a chance to have a big celebration at the Garden. Way to go Boston! We're taking home another one baby!

Quotable quotes from Chino Trinidad in the RPN 9 coverage of the Game 4 (c/o JC):
"Garnett's open shot was challenged" <- now that's really stupid, then, after Pierce made a layup, he shouts "he got the free throw! or rather, two shots. ...two points".

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joyfulchicken said...

I'll win that burger back next year.