Sunday, June 8, 2008

Game 2: LA Lakers @ the Boston Garden

As exciting as Game 1 was, I'm looking forward to Game 2 even more. Now the Lakers will try to steal one in the Boston's home court so they'd have an apportunity to close it in 5 games at home. We'll see if Jackson can adjust their attack.

We'll also get to find out how serious Pierce's injury is, or if Ray Allen's new defensive prowess (against Kobe no less) would hold out. I'm hoping KG will be more aggressive inside, and that Leon Powe will get more minutes.

I predict another Boston win, inasmuch as the Lakers are a good road team(27-14 during the regular season, and 4-4 this playoffs, one of each are to the Celts), the Celtics are even better at home (35-6 during the regular season, and 12-1 this playoffs, none of which are to the Lakers). The final score would probably be a little closer this time, maybe 95-91, especially with Boston wanting to slow it down even more.

We'll see if I'm right. Game 2 at the Boston Garden, June 8, Sunday 8:30pm E.T. You can also watch it live at RPN 9, on June 9 (yay holiday!), Monday @8:30am, Philippine Time.


.::. Vanny .:. said...

nagcocommnet ako para sabihin no comment. haha. i know nothing about this topic. hehe. forgive me. :D

philos said...

@vanny: hehe... you can know more by watching tomorrow :p

Anonymous said...

Finally! LA took game 3.