Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lakers take Game 3, series now at 2-1

Lamar was Lame yet again, but the Celtics still lost. Apparently, only 1 of the Big 3 flew in to LA. Yes, I put the blame on this one squarely on KG and Paul Pierce's collective shoulders.

They fell in love with their non-existent jumpers in this game. Paul Pierce only made 1 of his 10 jumpers, no dunks and only 4 layups. And KG only shot 4 of 15! He actually made 2 dunks and yet he kept settling for those jump shots. The result? Only one trip to the FT line. He lack the aggressiveness they needed, and they lost.

And no, this was not a good defensive game no matter what the scoreboard tells you. It was a lousy offensive effort from both teams. They should be ashamed of themselves, this is the Finals after all.

Celtics in Game 4 if Rondo isn't seriously injured, if he is, I might as well concede my burger. Eddie House seems to enjoy shooting just a tad too much.

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joyfulchicken said...

Easy for you to criticize them from your armchair :-P Well, if the defense sags off you and leaves you open for jumpers, you can't just try to charge in there, can you?