Sunday, June 22, 2008

Photohunt: Water (2nd this week)


I'm not sure if this is even allowed--a 2nd entry for the week, but I couldn't resist because this is so appropriate for the entry!

I've been saving this clip for almost a year now just to see if it comes true.


Wow! Ain't that something right? He will end flooding in Manila for good! Yay Bayani! If he pulls this off, this will be an accomplishment of historic proportions! A herculean effort to say the least. Just think of the cost this will save the government. I imagine a quarter of the traffic problems during the rainy season being eliminated, not to mention the perennial evacuation of people from areas that return to the sea during this time.

No more bringing of slippers to work just in case you need to wade through flooded streets. No more worrying about leaving your car stranded in the middle of the road, or accidentally being swallowed by an open manhole.

Needless to say, I wasn't optimistic. So when June rolled in, I started keeping my eyes open for any signs of flooding. Now I'm not going to be petty about this. I won't complain about little puddles or even big ones as long as it doesn't stay there for more than a day. I'm giving Bayani a fair chance. This is why I haven't really posted anything about this yet.

Then in comes Typhoon Frank...


This is a photograph taken earlier today courtesy of my sister. That photo is of a main thoroughfare just a few blocks from home--submerged in at least a foot deep of flood water. Not only that, half the main roads I passed by today are either partially flooded or virtually impassable. And most of the small alleys I saw were ankle deep or higher.

I did a little more digging and found that he actually promised the same thing in 2006. Tsk. Sorry Bayani, better luck next year. Though maybe you ought to speed things up a bit or you might just miss out on that presidential nomination you were hoping for.


Katherine said...

Tsk, tsk. But they said BF did a great job in Marikina. Maybe he needs a little more encouragement and support.

Anonymous said...

buti na lang dito sa kabundukan ng bataan wala pang baha hehe

Heart of Rachel said...

It's sad that until now flooding problems haven't been solved yet.

joyfulchicken said...

To be fair, your news clip was from 8/10/2007, so it hasn't really been one full year yet :-P

Camille said...

hi arthur! naisip ko rin sana sa phothunt un baguio.. kaya lang.. di ko nadala un cam ko e. nastranded kasi ako sa friends house. hehe.. anyway you just got tagged. :)

philos said...

@km: He's actually doing a good job in my opinion though I find him rather strange. The flood issue is just too big to solve this quick, it has to start with the discipline of our countries individual citizens.

@princesamusang: happy for you then :)

@rachel: It might take some time, unless Al Gore is right, then it might never be solved.

@jc: we'll see :p

@cam: hehe... sayang yung photo-op no? had just a perfect moment back in UST-- the whole of UST in thigh deep water. I actually saw the moon reflected on the football field, but I didn't have any camera then so I can only reminisce and tell tales about it hehe... Will do your meme before the end of this week. :)

ALiNe said...

hay naman!

philos said...

@aline: too depressing huh? sorry bout that

Anonymous said...

hay naku, manila is sinking na talaga.