Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I have nothing but admiration for all fathers out there, but this Father's Day isn't just for you.

It's also for mothers who are forced to be fathers because the guy who got them knocked up doesn't deserve to be called a father.

It's also for grandfathers (and grandmothers for that matter) who takes on the responsibility of rearing their grandchildren because their children are incapable of doing so (either because of their early demise, financial incapability, or lack of responsibility).

It's also for our kuyas and ates who protected us from the school bully, helped us with our homeworks, gave us extra money for our baon and bore the responsibility of facing teachers when we were too afraid to tell our parents we messed up in school again.

It's also for leaders, teachers, pastors, spiritual advisers, and bosses (sometimes) who take on the role of guiding us, their "children" in the aspect of life that our biological fathers can not always be present for.

And finally, it's for our Creator, the eternal Father who made us, cared for us, guided us, provided for us and loved us. Our father we see but don't look at, hear but don't listen to, feel but don't love as much as He loves us.

To all of them... Happy Father's Day!


Katherine said...

Nice post! :) So nice and cheery. :)

ALiNe said...

happy happy to you :)

philos said...

@KM: Wow, you must be happy today. Happy Father's day to your dad! :)

@Aline: Hehe... I'm not sure I qualify for any of the above, but thanks. :)

ALiNe said...

uhmmm .. you are welcome? hihi