Friday, June 6, 2008

Game 1: Lakers @ Boston

In a few hours, a rivalry will be renewed when the LA Lakers visit the Boston Celtics. Who will come out on top? Again, this is a war were the battles are just as important as the outcome.

I'm personally rooting for the Celtics. I'd like to see their Big 3 finally get their rings. They've done all the right things in the regular season, but they've screwed up quite a few in the playoffs. Were they able to learn from their mistakes and use it in this series?

The Lakers are sure to come out fighting--never mind that they're doing it on enemy soil. Kobe seems to be able to thrive anywhere. Though they lost twice in the regular season to the daunting Celtics, they didn't have Gasol then. They have been relentless in the playoffs, will their new found team work bring them all the way?

My game 1 prediction: Boston on top with the final score hovering around 104-97. They should be able to pull this off if they can keep Kobe from getting his teammates into the game like they did the last couple of times they met. They should be able to come out strong in the first half and the 2nd., not just offensively, but defensively too--keeping from fouling while forcing turnovers.
And lastly, they need a strong game from both Perkins and Rondo.

Go celts!


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joyfulchicken said...

Ha! I can't wait for my Angus beef burger :-P