Monday, July 14, 2008

Guess who's on the cover of Starstudio Magazine July 2008 Issue?

Go buy one and find out!
I'll wait.
Ok so it's not me. Surely you didn't think it'd be me right? It's actually Richard Gutierrez and KC Concepcion. They're hot right now so I hear. They have a bit there about their supposed romance, and why they couldn't possibly be together.

(Here's a nice photo from PEP just in case you don't actually know the two.)

Who cares? Really?! I'm not exactly sure as I couldn't really care less. The reason I urged you to purchase a copy is because it might just end up becoming a collector's edition. You see, I'm in it.


Heart marks the spot on hearthur

This one's actually from the speed dating I attended a couple of months ago at the Big Kahuna in Eastwood. This event did not actually generate a single date for me, but at least it landed me on a magazine. I can't say I like this shot all that much--not my most flattering angle, but hey I'm now on the same page with Anne Curtis hehe... I feel like a socialite. (Or a retarded idiot for carrying on the way I am right now.)

May I just clarify that I don't exactly read these kind of magazines. It was a good friend's mom who actually spotted me and told her son, who then proceeded to confuse me as follows:

Friend: "You're in a magazine. "
Me: "Really? Where? Why?"
F: "I'm not sure. My mom saw it. It's the Dating Marathon you attended."
M: "Then why didn't you ask her? Why don't you ask her right now?"
F: "Maybe later when I get home."
M: "Ask her now so I could buy a copy."

Later that day through SMS...
F:"Yes Magazine".
M: "Which one?
F: "The one with Richard and KC on the cover."

I couldn't find it. A couple of days later, another SMS...
F: "Sorry, it's Star Studio Magazine, July issue."

Anyhow, if you're turning green with envy, you may want to try your luck landing a date doing speed dating or possibly getting your face on some showbiz magazine. They have another one this coming August 2. They're calling this one the Astring-o-sol Grand Dating Marathon.

In case you're wondering, yes I did buy a copy of the magazine. They do have the juiciest showbiz tidbits. Tata!


joyfulchicken said...

What the hell were you looking at in that first pic? Good job maintaining eye contact :-P

Lizz said...

The guy sitting on your right is my friend! I should tell him that's he's in the mag, too. ^_^

ALiNe said...

Shobizz ha!

philos said...

@JC: Maybe showing her my profile hehe

@lizz: Go! And while you're at it tell him to just borrow the mag from somebody who already bought it, the photo really isn't much bigger than my thumbnail

@aline: hehe :p

Rian Gabor said...

woaw!!! oki ah!!!

the speed dating thingy is quite interesting :)

philos said...

@rian: Go! Attend the grand event hehe

Camille said...

wow.. celebrity na! :) sige ill buy an issue and ask you to sign it! :p

philos said...

@camille: go do that hehe :p

runawaycat said...

Ah! Pop up comment box! Thank you! Haha :)

So you blew up a photo the size of a thumbnail? Most importantly, your friend's mother was able to spot you in a thumbnail sized photo??

Btw, ahem, where's Lizz and Josh :P

philos said...

@Runaway Cat: Ok, so I guess my statement was a bit misleading... I meant my face in the mag was the size of a thumb... not the whole photo :p