Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why I'm boycotting Coke

Yes, I'm boycotting Coke. I've been doing so since they started that ridiculous angel commercial. No, I'm not really initiating a widespread boycott nor am I trying to get anybody else to join me, yet it comes up inevitably whenever I refuse a drink.

"Why not? Why don't you want Coke?!!"

Such impertinence! As if everybody's supposed to want Coke! Anyway, I've prepared answers for some of the most frequently asked questions.

FAQ 1: So why am I boycotting Coke anyway?
Simple. I'm offended by the ad

FAQ 2: Why are you offended by the ad?
The presumption that an ethereal being will choose mortality for such a base reason is an affront to my ecclesiastical sensibilities. Even more so the presumption that a demon can forgo damnation by choosing Coke. An exceedingly, I hope you'll agree with me, preposterous claim.

FAQ 3: Sure, but it's still only an ad isn't it?
It is my belief that companies need to be responsible for the image they perpetuate. An ad is to a certain degree a projection of a company's ideals albeit in a visually stimulating medium.

FAQ 4: So what do you want Coke to do about your boycott?
Nothing really. I'd certainly appreciate them taking it off the air, but I don't really care. I'm only making a stand for myself.

FAQ 5: But you don't really drink Coke, do you?
Ok, so I don't. I never really cared much for carbonated drinks which is why I've included all Coca-Cola products in the boycott. 8 o'clock, Heaven and Earth Iced Tea (which I really like), Viva Drinking Water, Safety First Mineral Water (which is the only bottled water being sold where I play badminton at), and Power Ade.

FAQ 6: So if you're not really promoting this boycott, why blog about it?
To satisfy JC from Chicken Mafia who's been bugging me about it for weeks now, and to explain why as much as I enjoy meeting fellow bloggers I didn't attend the blogger's event last Friday (not that anybody would've missed me).

And come on, promote anything? In this blog? And who's supposed to see it? Riiight.


joyfulchicken said...

So, to be consistent, you'll be boycotting Hellboy too? :-P

Katherine said...

What's that ad?

philos said...

Err... this ad. Where've you been these last 6 months? :p

Katherine said...

Oh...sorry, I haven't been watching much local TV for the past 6 months. :P I had to look for the controversial thing in the commercial, until my sister explained it to me. :P

Can you imagine me kept on replaying the vid? :P

philos said...

Haha... If you only visit Chicken Mafia, you won't be so far behind :p

Why'd you keep replaying this vid anyway?

Katherine said...

I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to be looking for in the vid. I'm so left behind~~