Friday, July 25, 2008

Sonya's Garden Cheese Hopia: Hopia like it!

Hopia derived from the Chinese words "好餅" which in the Amoy dialect (what we call Fookien here) reads "ho pia" pronounced with a somewhat nasal affect. It literally mean "good pastry"--a name that has largely become a misnomer seeing as the number of inferior hopia being made these days greatly outnumber the good ones. It was thus to my great surprise that my sister brought home a pack of hopia from her trip to Tagaytay as pasalubong. She even shared how she only managed to snag a couple of packs before it all sold out--apparently this is a specialty of Sonya's Garden.


Now despite being of Chinese descent, I can't say that I like hopia much. I suppose I simply got tired of its taste. It was thus with hesitation that I tried a piece... then another one... and just to make sure a third one (or fourth, I lost track). And I must say that I found it unexpectedly good--I didn't even warm it in an oven! Perhaps I just like cheese (their site says its parmesan), or maybe it's just that good, but I love it. Don't go taking my word for it, go try it yourself.

My sister says a pack of 10 costs only P80--not bad at all eh? Here's a closer look...


Hopia like it!


Momisodes said...

I actually don't think I've ever tried that. But it sure does look yummy :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Cheese hopia. Give us some. :)

Hey, you should charge companies for adver-blogging.

philos said...

@Sandy: More things to try for the family then hehe... better start planning your trip here :p

@Lester: It's not that I don't want to, it's just that they don't know I exist hehe

Anonymous said...

mukhang masarap nga. gutom pa naman ako right now.

philos said...

@little light: Hehe... hungry's not the time to be looking at food pics :p